Tough Crowd

It's a tough crowd tonight,

The biker boy, the music man, both wanting to fight.

Time's a wastin' away,

The show goes on, the lights are bright, all you need is something to say.

Sweat is apparent on your face,

The crowd is still, the crickets churn, and you're a basket case.

It's a tough crowd tonight.

( That was just a little diddy of how I kind of feel right now. For some reason, because of my lack of ANYTHING to say, my friends seem to be really bored of me. Who could blame them, I'm not exactly the entertainer. Actually, they have been honest enough to call me boring and dull and at times annoying. Leave it to friends to tell you who you really are to them, huh. Oh well, life goes on and so do I. Well, maybe my friends will change their attitude as soon asI figure out how to accomodate to them. But, I shouldn't have to do it all the time, but I feel like I do. And if I ever tell them this, they'll just call me pathetic, dramatic, and just walk away. It's funny how your friends could mean the world to you, but then when you aren't being funny or crazy or what have you, you mean nothing to them. Now that I've vented, maybe they'll see this and still call me pathetic, dramatic, and still walk away, at least they'll see how I've been feeling. And I don't expect any of you guys to pity me either, I don't need pity, I just need friends who will only understand that I can't be the shoulder to lean on, the jester to laugh at, the idiot to make fun of, the teacher to guide, and the friend to trust all at the same time. Those things come at different times, but apparently I'm not needed for that anymore. I'm just Jess, and that's all that's left. It's atough crowd tonight, and every night to speak of from here on. Leave it to friends to let you know...)