and from those lips there came a shout!
a fire not to be put out
was started by his thoughts that day
and his words took our cares away.
and thunder, from those lips, did roll;
the telling tones that trumpets toll
were brought to mind by words like fire.
burning, searing, they conspired;
congregations filled with sheep,
and morning mourners paid to weep
in cases where the dying lad
was liked by no one but his dad
who, likewise died some years ago
of drinking, (sinning), bringing woe;
yes, all of these had minds like clay
their thoughts were molded every day
and with the struggles to convey,
his trembling frame and shaking way
of forcing air out from his lungs
it brought back light, that voice that sung.
but never wav'ring, never wrong,
his thought provoking, prose-filled song
like rhetoric that sears the soul
abolished thoughts of skeptics whole
until, throughout, the throng was still,
with baited breath we waited 'til
the rhythm, forceful, filled the air,
the strident beat compelled us there
and we were forced to think of sin.
our past, all full thereof, and thin
was the disguise before the law,
or so he would have had us thought.
and still the rising, falling tide,
that pleading empath's diatribe
manipulated all our spirits
and soon all of us could hear it;
not a one remained alive
whose breath was used to try and strive
against the voice which rang out still
it seemed we'd never have our fill.
those words had power, they had fear
the fire, brimstone brought us here;
yes, hidden sentiments and words
were brought forth, ringing, scatt'ring birds
like potent tears of potent lies
and of the dimming of the skies
the diction, strong and awful, came
and terror filled our every brain
until the resolution, peace
were offered through those perfect teeth
and satisfied, we went back home
to nonetheless sin and to roam;
the lesson learned in rote, not fact,
and nothing taught to us but tact:
the way in which we led our lives
was perfect, holy in his eyes.
but what he feared, he did not see,
the truth, him, never will set free.