Suicidal Bunny

Rings of black mascara hang
Across those dark hazel eyes,
Emphasizing the misery,
Where she lost her mind

Red zebra stripes line her wrists,
Fresh cuts only a moment's second old,
The question plays upon your lips,
Until she hands you this poem

"Life is my nut I'm trying to crack,
Currently I'm missing the nut,
It ran away with all the dust mites,
Hiding underneath my bed's spider webs"

She looks right and left,
Then left to right again,
Waiting for the cars to squish her on the road,
Till you throw her towards the high fence

Slightly confused with her bunny expression,
Her nose twitches nervously,
Shocked that life gave another chance,
She never knew she any friends

Black bunnies need extra care,
Whether short, strong or tall,
They all have this big fluffy heart,
That tends to scream for attention

So take care of your Suicidal Bunnies,
Who mope around in their dark little worlds,
Take their knives and suffocate them with hugs,
Even if they do cry out

A/N: Contrary to my other poem "Work in Progress" my Muse thought this was a funny one, but then again he is drunk most of the time. I'm not too sure about the rhyming and I think the last stanza is a little dodgy. If anyone has any constructive criticism or suggestions they are fully welcomed here.