Chapter 1


Nightflyer walker along side Winterwing in a deep forest, "Hey Winter, I'm hungry lets go hunt," said Nightflyer excitedly.

"Night, you're always hungry. You just ate a whole Zebra five hours ago," said Winterwing with a slightly annoyed tone.

"And your point is? I'm younger than you and I'm still growing, I need to eat a lot. If you're not hungry then stay here and let me go hunting myself."

"Oh yeah right, last time I let you go hunting by yourself you tripped over your own paws and rolled right into a hippo, which kicked you and almost broke you back."

"Yeah, but I've been practicing."

"When, I haven't seen you doing any practicing."

"You were asleep."

"Yeah whatever, anywho when we get out of this jungle, I watch your progress to see if you've improved at all."

"YES!" exclaimed Nightflyer while he jumped up and turned a flip in the air and made a smile like thing that looked more like a snarl, making the long scar across his face move. "Come on, come on, it isn't that far," said Nightflyer excitedly still flying, his leathery wings flapping powerfully and his black fur glistening in the dull lighting straining through the trees' leaves.

"Okay, okay calm down I'm coming." With that he leapt into the air, flapped his wings, head-butted Nightflyer in the shoulder, almost knocking him out of the air, then flew off laughing, his white fur shining.

Nightflyer recovered from the head-butt and flew off after him yelling, "Get back here. I'll get you for that."

Winterwing came bursting out of the forest, startling a family of giraffes, and flew up with Nightflyer right behind him, "I'm going to get you," Nightflyer yelled after him.

"Yeah sure you are." Winterwing yelled back. He turned around to see a black paw swinging toward his face. He folded his wings and dropped straight down. Nightflyer growled and followed. "You know Night there's a herd of zebra down there if you're still hungry."

Nightflyer stopped chasing him and landed silently on the ground behind the herd and looked around for the weakest, for it was against the law of the animals to go for the strongest, for the old animals ate the food that the younger needed to live, while the sick animals endangered the others endangered the others of getting sick.

He looked and watched noiselessly, on this plant all the herbivores had wings, mostly feathered but some with dragon wings. THERE, one had a broken wing that dragged across the ground as she walked and her head hung as if she was too weak to hold it up.

She walked over to sleep, just then Nightflyer started out slinking through the grass, his black fur making it harder for him to blend into the grass. Then the wind shifted and the herd became down wind of Nightflyer and just as he was about to leap out the smelt him and in a flutter of wings they all flew away except the old female who had smelt him as well and had got up and was slowly running away. Nightflyer leapt after her, catching up to her really fast. Realizing she was about to die the old zebra kicked out narrowly missing Nightflyer bit onto her leg tripping her.

She landed on her back and he jumped for the kill. She kicked out again hitting him in the stomach and throwing him about three feet. He landed heavily and jumped up to see that the old zebra had gotten up and started running again, then her broken wing got caught in a bush and she couldn't move. Nightflyer flew up and positioned himself right above the old zebra, who was still struggling to free herself of the bush, then he dived headfirst, forepaws outstretched hitting her at the base of her neck, breaking it instantly.

The dead zebra fell limp to the ground and Nightflyer threw back his head and roared as loud as he could. He waited a second till he heard a roar from a little ways away so he started eating.

A moment later Winterwing came by and broke off one of the black and white striped dragon-like wings at the base then untangle the other and broke it off laying it on top of the other and then grunted and Nightflyer who was still eating, he grunted back and kept on eating. Winterwing took the two wings in his mouth and flew off.