Fortified deep in the convolutions of a gossamer sheath

The surreptitious tip-toes of an ethereal adept.

A solemn visage, a mask to disguise

The clandestine rage and dry sobs

A veiled figure darts away, but the shroud of darkness

That they've conjured lingers

All that was pure has been desecrated

All that was peaceful is disconcerted

And the poor, fragile faerie is left in darkness

Her haven couldn't protect her from his vile sangfroid

Her crimson, flaring barrier was no adamant structure

To his nonchalant seduction

Left in fiery ruins, desolate and completely alone

She must learn to cure her own wounds

But every bit of life

Is a memory….

And every memory

Is a new thorn in that wound…

However, she clings to the past for

It is the only glimpse of the future she has

Shattered and broken as Kristalnacht

She allows the scathing edges to prick and impale

Her delicate mind

Her emaciated soul

Left behind, once more, this vunerable angel

Must repair her own wings,

Her own belief,

Her own heart

If ever she will soar amongst the vaporous heavens