Garden of Wonder

Lead me through the path my slaves

Those that outlive our numbered days

And take me to the secret deep

Where all the heavenly creatures sleep

Tell me! You worn and broken stem

Should I try to rescue them?

Those that lay in fires deep

Where only demons sleep?

Leave me now green usurpers!

Those that dwell with the vipers

For I have found the meaning meek

In all the splendorous petals sleek

Why do you pester me still?

I tell you I've quite had my fill

Of all the whispers that you leak

To those who refuse to seek

Your presence has taken its toll

Or was it you who had control?

To tire me deeply from this game

And force me to join your folly lame

And join us now, one and the same

(DarkEpiphany – WOW! COOL and DEEP!)