Assassins crush volume 1!


Here your mission protect lieutenant Higa Suzo from the assassin that goes by the name death reaper he's made ten assassinations over the last week all of them that were kill hade a place in the government the person we suspect hired him is Himura Sosukui he's hade a grudge with the government ever since they exiled him from this country because of drug related incidents that all pointed to him the death reaper sent a letter to general Husakiku Samura last night we don't know how but he did none of the security systems seems to be tampered with , the time of the assassination of the lieutenant tied to this case is midnight, I can't understand the how he got though the guards to get to the security systems you didn't you have swat, police, and everyone else I can't think of on that job for security yes say's the mysterious shadowy figure on the computer of the digitally generated screen (a.k.a Zack's Boss). But let me start from the beginning Zack Setoguchi born in Okinawa, Japan December 24, 1986 very well built and defined man great athlete in all sports but ninjistu karate was always what he was the very best at every since he was little when ever he got in to it with one of the other students in his class from kindergarten to the 12TH grade he never I mean never lost a fight and when he did fight he showed no sign of emotion to the other kids he got in to it with one of the students he never said sorry no matter how bad the punishment (I guess that's a family trait since no one ever sorry before in his family). The only person he could never beat was his father ranked #1 in Japan Nokusana Setoguchi from the ancient Setoguchi clan. Zach always takes pride in his Japanese heritage and he was called a child portage though the other children in the clan was to he was the best since his father was the head of the clan most of the family hated him because of the mixed heritage cursing him for the white side of him. Because of that he trained even harder to always have that superiority over them but the more he trained and got better the more they hated him but all the family was not like that toward him what they saw was a portage child a loveable child they say Zack as the person he was ofcouse they got scolded as well but they didn't care all they saw was Jealousy and hatred but as far as the clan goes they were body guards as well as ninja they were so good that they get to pick the people they protect and made billions, but enough about the clan. Back to Zack and his father. The training was rigorous he did a hundred and fifty push ups and a hundred and sixty sit ups every day and all the ninja techniques Zack within 4 years was a master he and his father were evenly matched and they thought to leave it that way. When it came time to pick the weapon he wanted to fight with it wasn't easy he went though about twenty before he found what he was looking for it was a double edge sword and to make the sword complete he engraved at the end of the steel a butterfly. (It cool). Boom goes a gun I didn't see that coming reapers gone with the wind and he lands in the Ukaki Park and blacks out hey, hey, hey! Says this man are you alright when reaper came to their he was the most beautiful guy in the world reaper didn't say a thing all he was doing was looking into the mans steel blue eyes are you ok the man says snapping reaper out of la, la land he is so hot is all he thought and blacked out again.

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