It wasn't too long ago that I saw the world for the first time again. Don't ask me my name. I am just a nobody in the world that I live in. The only difference between me and everyone else is that I've been asleep for a hundred years, probably more (or so I'm told). It all started with a fairy casting a terrible spell on me. A spell which caused me to fall into a deep sleep until the day of my true love's first kiss.

You probably think you know who I am, but, let me tell you, stories hardly ever tell the truth these days. I'm only going to say this once, so listen closely now…

Rose, the "real" princess was always a playful one, even when she was but a child. In other words, she was a brat. She enjoyed annoying the servants, causing trouble and everything in between. Even at the tender age of one, it was decided that this little princess was too much of a problem and would eventually bring about her own doom. Taking this into account, her parents, the king and queen of the kingdom, decided it would be best if another child was raised to take her place.

For some reason there was a dearth of abandoned babes by the roadside those following years and it wasn't until Rose was at that nasty age of 4 that a tiny newborn babe was stumbled upon. Therefore, a true celebration kingdom-wide wasn't hosted for Rose's first birthday until her 5th year. The baby that was blessed and cursed alike bore the name of Violet. Which if you hadn't figured out yet, is me.

This is what I managed to dig up after I awoke.

However, growing up I was told that my mother had died at childbirth and my father, who was so in love with his wife, committed suicide on the eve of her death. The king and queen, upon seeing my lovely little face, felt pity for me and took me in as a playmate for the princess Rose, seeing that we were the same age. Of course, I was never actually her playmate. Although, I heard throughout the years that she grew into quite a beauty.

Even that I'm not quite sure of, since in those days everything was romanticized, even my abandonment and eventual position of scapegoat. So let us start where the real story begins…