Tales of the Fay

Chapter First


Being An Introduction to the Basic Background History of the Tale Which We Are About to Recount and of the Characters Thereof and Their Family History In Brief

In the days when the earth was young, the fields were green, and men still believed in the Fay; the Faerie Queen, Tairyoku, ruled every species. She was a good queen, and, when her essence left her body, she was succeeded by a line of good queens.

Each successive ruler withdrew the faerie court further from the human world, so that, by the time of Junketsu the Pure, most men no longer believed in the existence of any of the four species of the Fay.

When Kurayami the Dark usurped the throne after the Pixie Wars, however, she once again gave the non-magical beings of Terra cause to fear those whose very names held a now-dreaded power.

Her daughter was weaker, and, some say, wiser. Perhaps she was swayed by the violent attacks that the High Houses mounted after her mother's death. Perhaps she was frightened by the whispers that Taori, last and most powerful of the Five Faithful, was still loose in the land.

In any event, Ayumi withdrew from the human world, and destroyed all links to the weaker race.

Including the changelings.

Even though her own brother was wed to a changeling girl, Ayumi ruthlessly destroyed all half-Fay she found in her kingdom.

The remnants of the High Houses opposed her so violently, that, by the time her daughter Glorrianna came to the throne, a more tolerant policy was in place. In fact, Glorrianna's chief advisor was her cousin, the daughter of a full faerie and a changeling – a ¾ Fay.

The High Houses continued to oppose the rule of the usurpers – the Third House most of all. They held the strongest claim to the throne, and they were also the only House that involved itself in the politics of the day.

The First House, descended from the second daughter of Tairyoku, Electra, was completely removed from the court, as the current leader (also named Electra) wanted no part in Glorrianna's corrupt policies.

The Second House had been wiped out during the Civil War, as it's only members who survived the Pixie Wars were Selinne and Taori – two of the Five Faithful. Of course, there were still rumors that Taori wasalive, but who believed those anymore?

The Fourth House, descended from Shoga's second daughter, stayed away from the court and lived in the great oceans. Their current leader, Marantha, had taken on the form of a mermaid, and refused to leave her watery home, instead sending emissaries to make her will known.

The Third House, that which our story most concerns, was descended directly from Queen Adrianna, as she founded it with her second daughter when Shoga demanded the throne. The current leader (Adrianna in name, as were all the leaders of that House through the years), was directly opposed to the usurpers dynasty and was constantly in danger from Glorrianna's agents.

The main player in this narrative was a member of the Third House – a changeling named Chance.

Annex: On Faeries

The four races of the Fay are Elves, Faeries, Pixies, and Sprites.

As our story most concerns the Faeries, we shall start with them.

Faeries, essentially, are human-like in form. The stand between 5 and 6 feet tall, and have all the normal features of a human.

Their ears are pointed at the tips, and they have wings, the size of which varies from faerie to faerie. For instance, Utsukushisa's wings reached 2 feet higher than her head, and often trailed on the ground when she walked. However, the ¾ faerie Kiana had wings that reached from her shoulders to her thighs.

They also all bear a symbol made of jewels on their cheeks. These are created from the faerie child's first tears, and are a good indicator of the temperament of the child. As an example, take Titania's. Aheart. She is indeed a loving, gentle faerie. Her mother, Glorrianna, bears a sun, and her temper isas hot.

Faeries have three basic forms – their faerie form, with wings, cheek jewels, and pointed ears; their human form, in which they look exactly like their faerie form, except without wings, jewels, or pointed ears; and their animal form.

A faerie holds the power to morph into an animal at will. Changelings, however, become their animal from 6 in the evening until 6 in the morning.

Each faerie or changeling has her own animal – they can only become one – except for two powerful faeries. The younger Electra, and Utsukushisa both held the "key" you might say to two different animals..

As our story progresses, we will learn more about the faeries, as well as the other races of the Fay, and you will also see examples of the traits I have listed here.