On the Inside Looking Deeper

You walked through the door into my head,

Was I the one to let you in?

Take care of where you run and where you tread,

Do you see where I'm going and where I have been?

Looking through the files that I call my life,

Have you begun to take interest?

Seeing the greatness and all worldly strife,

Should you choose to close that which you lest?

Understanding, slowly, what I'm all about,

Does your assurance satisfy?

You chase my being as I take another route,

Do you continue to try?

Getting closer to the file of Feeling, that which I dread,

Are you curious?

The first page will tell you what lies ahead,

Still curious?

Keeping you waiting until that last file,

Should I just give in?

Deep into your eyes, I stare for a while,

You are at the file; shall I begin?