Hello, Hello people! It is I, KenyakoDivination! back with a story after a long hiatus! Now those of you that like Crimson River and FSR will have no idea what this story is about, and that's good XD HA! This is a (very late) Christmas Gift I wrote for Repsychus and it includes her RP character Christian Valen and my character Retsuheiin it :3

Now, any of those wondering if I will be finishing CR, well I do plan on it, but I've hit a brick wall when it comes to writing and I don't know why. Must have lost my talent for it. However, Psy seems to really like this, so maybe not all is lost :3 Well I'll let you get to the story, Enjoy!

Warning: The following is full of Sex! Yes that's right, sex between two DUDES! It includes bumping, grinding and general insertion of penis'. That's right, I said penis.

Dust of a Snowflake

Was there ever anything more beautiful than the pristine and pure dance of snow caught in the wind? To watch the hypnotic twirl of each unique flake slowly descend upon the red earth and to slowly become a winter wonderland, crushing every tree branch in a thick coat of white until all traces of the world were concealed in the gentle drift. It was moments like this, in the snowy abyss that I remembered him, his flesh the same tone, same gentle colour as that which crunched under my feet as I walked along the park path shrouded in the darkness of the late evening.

It wasn't that long ago when our own paths had crossed in this very park, from when I quickly maneuvered myself through the groups of happy couples still flighty from the shopping they had done that morning for the other and then discussed their secret finds in the comfort of a coffee shop, most likely sharing a cup of hot chocolate or warm cider; Mmm, my favorite. But I had had more important matters on my mind at that time to simply drop everything and just stare at the snow like everyone else had. That's right, I had to get to work, present a proposal to my boss about his hotel chain. Kakia, that idiot, he's worth about as much to me as the yellow snow I passed that had been left by some dog.

Still at that moment of rush I felt something crash into me, felt the softness of anther's form against my own for the first time in too long and allowed that feeling to stay with me for a few moments more, before looking down at the creature that my hands had instinctively caught. Soft, brown curls of wavy hair framed the cold nipped face of the youth I held up, cheeks slightly rosy from the December air were soft to the gaze and eyes covered by thick, slightly fogged, glasses were a beautiful warm brown as they looked up at me in shock and apology. So breathtaking was this unearthly being that collided with me, so gentle were the features on the young visage that I had to blink away my obvious lusts for that moment and help the youth. In doing so, I felt that the chest was flat and the body further down was strong, clearly not female, but perhaps the most beautiful male I had ever laid my eyes on.

"Oh, s-sorry, I didn't mean to run into you, sir" he said softly, straightening himself as he wobbled from the initial shock of running into me. To this day I couldn't even be sure I knew what he said as my eyes and focus were all on the way his lips moved, each word spoken being presented to my ears by the plump rose petals of his mouth, pink in their delicious display and most likely ripe for a few dozen kisses. Before long I was staring and only stopped when I heard nothing more from those lips and then decided to look up into those honey brown eyes that twinkled from the Christmas lights strung around the park.

"No, it was my fault, I was rushing through here too quickly. Forgive me, you're alright then?" I asked, the boy staring up at me as I spoke to him and only then realized how short he was, why, his face alone stopped at my chest, so just how young was he? Still, the idea didn't faze me in the least about the idea that he was probably fresh from middle school, even though it should have, and instead I found myself looking at this boy as though I'd look at another man. I had a sexual lust and desire to see this boy without his clothes and a dirty image of him under me, writhing in passion. Though I tried to play my cards right and kept a nice safe distance, yet still remained cozy, from the youth whom opened those sweet lips to respond to me.

"Uh, yes I'm fine and I too was rushing…there are a lot of people here for skating so if you're my size you get knocked around a lot" those lovely lips replied, his voice so small and timid it made me wonder how a youth who would be on his holiday vacation could look so down and sad. Yet I could do nothing to cheer him up, or could I? Hmm.

"I understand; listen, I was wondering if you'd like to get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with me. After all it's cold out, I was rude to you and we're the only ones here not clinging to each other like idiots, so it's my treat" I said, realizing that it was the dumbest thing in the world! What twenty-six year old man invites a kid to a coffee shop like that?! Especially considering I'm wearing a black trench coat and gloves, I look like a gangster; he'll probably run away screaming!

"Oh, well…it would be nice, I guess. I…I don't normally go out to places" he whispered softly again, so much so that I had to lean in to hear him over the roar of the couples and kids around. When I did hear his answer, I don't know, something just felt warm inside me, like the flicker of a flame slowly coming back to life that had been extinguished years ago. I smiled at him and nodded as he pushed back the long tresses of my hair, which had been blown away by the sudden gales of wind and then ushered him along with me.

"That's good, though I'll need to stop by somewhere very quickly before we go. I need to leave a document with my boss, but there is a café right there that you could sit in and wait for me" I said as we walked through the gaggle of people, pushing our way through some as they watched street performers and I had to reach out and grab a hold of the boy to make sure I didn't lose him in the mass clutter. Though luckily he and I managed to get through it all and sighed when we reached the traffic lights of the big city "This place is always busy this time of year…don't know why though"

"Uh, y-yeah…I suppose it is busy. I don't come here often though" he said softly, his chocolate gaze fixated on the cross walk before he turned to me, his face flushed from fleeing the masses and the cold "By…b-by the way, my name is Christian, Christian Valen…"

"Oh, that's right, we never introduced ourselves. Well, my name is Retsuhei Yamane, it's nice to meet you" I said, taking Christian's hand in my own, holding his cold, bare hands in my gloved ones. It was then that the sudden look of this lovely youth caught my attention: he looked sickly. His clothes were old and getting too small for his body, his entire frame was thin and frail, while the glasses that sat upon his face were broken on the side, like they had been struck off him one too many times. Was he a runaway from home? Or a drugged up kid that dropped out of high school? No, probably not, the way he spoke and the way he carried himself didn't show any of that…then what?

I didn't have much time to really look into it as the lights changed and we made our way across the street where the small café that I told Christian of was before us and juxtaposed to that was none other than the height of tedium was my boss' main hotel, the Darklore. Sighing, I reached into my breast pocket and took out my wallet, each moment I did so Christian's beautiful eyes followed my hand as a few bills were removed. It was a little odd, but something about the wayward looking child portrayed a sense of honesty and innocence that was hard to come by in this city.

"Listen, I need to drop off this folder, so I'll give you ten dollars and you go in, order yourself something to drink and if you would, get me a large apple cider cappuccino with cinnamon and foam?" I requested, handing to him the money, which he took reluctantly. His mind was obviously fried at the idea of my order, but like the sweet boy he appeared to be he nodded and turned from me to enter the small restaurant, while I was left with the task of entering a place that I really was not looking forward too.

Now, it wasn't so much that I hated the building, no, it was the owner of the establishment whom had a way of getting under my skin and gnawing away at all that was good and still living. He was quite a strange man, twisted and sort of out of his mind would be the key terms. Though his eyes were captivating and eerie, as though he could rule your mind with a single sideway glance and turn you into a quivering mass of obedient jelly. He had that effect on everyone else, but as for myself, he was just another boss and as a boss I didn't have to do or say anything that would put me in an awkward situation.

Hoping that those very ideals would assist me with my cause, I quickly entered the building and headed for the elevator to reach Kakia's room. The man was in such a way so obsessed with finery and beautiful things that he would refuse to be on a lower level floor, but instead higher above as though a god. As I stood in the metal case that drew me ever closer to this odd cretin, I play with the folder in my hands, the sweat from my palms now staining the cover of the brown paper with. Every time I am to meet with Kakia I feel this way, never knowing what I could say or do to piss him off, to cause him to break off into one of his hour-long rants about nothing.

The man should have been a dictator.

The sudden ding from the elevator interrupted such foolish thoughts and the doors opened to the pent house at the top of the building where Kakia would always be. He wasn't a person that actually left and went outside very often, no wonder he was so pale. Upon entering the large suite, the odd sounds of squeaks met my ears, and softly two people spoke to each other. Although it wasn't my place, I couldn't help myself and entered the main room where the master bedroom could be seen from the living room couch.

There on the couch of said living room, I could see the top of Kakia's head, the brown locks giving him away instantly, however what I hadn't expected, and what knocked me off my feet, was when he leaned back to reveal a very stunning blond man under him, naked and currently being thrust into from behind by none other than my boss.

"I told you that after doing this every night you wouldn't get any looser, Rowan" Kakia said softly, the other merely moaning in response as the youth put his head back down on the pillow and allowed the other to torture him with bliss. I knew the moment my eyes fell on the two that my body was burning, face engulfed with both embarrassment and shame as my lower regions were on fire with a sudden burst of lust! Hearing and looking at me you wouldn't see the stereotypical homosexual, but I was, having had many lovers before, but not as many as Kakia. Though, looking at the boy's face, I know that I had seen him around here before, so he wasn't new.

The sound of my body hitting the floor left a resounding thump within the massive room, causing the sounds of moans and leather couch cushions to stop at once. I was caught, blushing guiltily with my nether regions burning shamefully. Yet just like I had suspected, Kakia's brown head popped up over the back of the couch as he spotted me staring at him, my boss' brow furrowing and lips down turned into a frown.

"Retsuhei, what are you doing in here?" he asked suddenly, his voice hoarse and a bit labored from the strain of his current activity. My lips froze, my eyes widened and I could only flash back to odd little bits and pieces of my day like the bagel I had eaten at my desk or the copying machine that broke, two things that at this point had little or nothing to do with the question that my employer asked. There was a sudden clearing of one's throat that pulled my attention away from my mindless thoughts and Kakia kept staring at me while his blond lover was sitting up now slightly to gaze at me was well.

"I-I brought you those files you asked about. The ownership deal that you won at the casino?"

"Oh right…that thing. Put it over there on the table and then leave, oh, but please help yourself to one of those fruit baskets or something" he said, casually waving me off as though I was a pimple on society's ass that was simply sat on and ignored. I believe that most my insecurities were based off this man whom, although attractive, was like poison and he knew how to dish it out in a nonchalant way.

I took my leave quickly as I deposited the folder upon his table and left in a dash, not even bothering to take the fruit basket that Kakia so rudely offered and my feet did not stop moving until the outside atmosphere struck my warmed lungs with its frigid air. The snow that fell that moment seemed to chuckle at me as it floated soundlessly to the ground gently, the flakes so free in that moment while I felt as though I was being held down my whole life with invisible chains. They were there, but very seldom could you see them hanging from my frame, weighing me down and crushing my forlorn soul.

As I walked from the hotel to where that young man Christian was hopefully waiting for me, I tried to remember the last time I was ever really happy. My relationships went nowhere along with my job, my family was in a dispute over my recently departed father's assets and it was Christmas with no one to have it with. Great life it was…

However, I wasn't about to let those bitter emotions fill me to the very brink, no, I had another agenda, the very point of my interest sitting within the coffee shop in the corner away from everyone, the rather pretty youth drinking a hot chocolate with a massive cloud of whipped cream on top of it, and of course next to it, my complex beverage. How perfect!

I couldn't resist any longer, I needed to be with someone that didn't know me or of me and have a real conversation for once, even if it was with a young kid. When I entered the scent of the small café welcomed me with its cinnamon odor, my mind turning from a dull throb to a relaxed sensation that only home cooked goods or cocaine would offer. Yet the most relaxing sight was of Christian sitting there, looking cozy and warm near the fireplace that gently roared, warming him from head to toe, and I realized then that I wanted to be in the exact same place.

"Oh, you're back…I didn't think you would be, uh, I bought you your drink, I hope it's fine" he said when I finally stopped before him, staring down at the cute boy with the big brown eyes like the very chocolate he sipped. I took a seat quickly next to him and took the steaming cup of cider to my lips to bask in the warmth of the sweet drink and the sweet company.

"It tastes just the way I like it, thank you for getting this for me" I said with a sweet smile, taking another drink, the comforted sigh escaping my lips nearly heard from across the room, but I was entitled to it after meeting with Kakia. I had closed my eyes a moment to relax and when I opened them again I noticed the youth staring beyond me, his eyes trained on something so intensely that surely whatever it was would either break or turn to ash, and that's when I saw it. Sitting upon a pedestal, dripping with a strawberry drizzle on whipped cream was strawberry shortcake and Christian was literally drooling for it.

"Do you want some of that?" I asked, the boy snapping his head back at the mere mention of the small, yet very enticing treat.

"Oh, uh, no I don't need it at all, I….I just, uh…." He said bashfully, blushing up a storm as he buried his face into his cup while I was turning to an emotional puddle of mush inside at the adorable act. Yet, another thing sparked as well, a certain feeling that I willed down into the pit of my stomach, a feeling not unlike lust that was brewing in my lower regions, spiking with fire much in the same fashion when I had witnessed Kakia with his lover.

"Don't be silly, it's a slice of cake, it's nothing…uh, consider it a gift!" I said quickly, wanting to see the boy with joy on his face that a little lump of sugar and flour could easily offer to him. I was greeted with a sheepish little grin as I handed him the money and watched as he took it and headed to the cash, his jean clad leggings moving faster than the blink of my eye. Hmm, he was quite sweet and looked wonderful in those clingy pants. Dear god in heaven again! I was thinking such things that never ran through my mind before! I had had a few lovers and upon first seeing them I didn't even think this way or fantasized about how tight their clothes looked on their bodies.

I had to clear my head the moment that Christian returned, his plate full of sugar and his smile sweet enough to give me a toothache. I watched him then as he began to shovel the treat into his mouth, seeing how the occasional flecks of white from the frosting would get on his lips, the fluffy whipped dessert looking far more appealing on his plump petals than on a plate. I didn't know what was wrong with me, or why this overpowering need to touch him came from, but it was there, burning deeper into me until I could not hold myself back.

"Do you have anywhere to go tonight?!" I asked suddenly, the youth's head snapping up when I asked as his eyes portrayed a look of intense worry and even anger at the suggestion before melting into the soft brown that I had come accustomed to. Perhaps had I been a little more rational at the time I would have seen something in his eyes that reflected his disdain towards the comment, but I was deceived by the gentle look he then gave me.

"Well, it is getting late and I live in the next junction…so I suppose that I can call my…my father and let him know I'll be at a friend's house" Christian said softly, almost under his breath as I had to strain to hear his gentle whisper. When I had heard him in his faint, sweet sounding voice, I was up and out of my chair in an instant just as he finished his cake, my heart pounding as my head screamed to steal him up into my arms and flee to my apartment.

"Alright, well it is getting late and I usually need to work on my job from home, so I should be able to have a guest over for just this one time…that is if you're comfortable with this?" I asked, the boy exhibiting to me that same odd look before it melted into a soft nod and what could be considered a smile, I think. With our bill paid in full and dishes discarded, the two of us took our coats and exited the small café just as it closed its doors for the holiday and the lights behind us turned to a low dim. The world around us also began to darken as eleven came faster than I had imagined it would, but it was there, bringing with it colder temperatures.

As we began to walk, the snow began to fall quickly as I wondered just why this boy wasn't rushing home to be with his family even at this late our and I wondered all the more why I had offered him to stay with me in the first place. Yet the question was pushed aside as he moved closer to me in search of warmth, eagerly wishing that the cold could leave his bones, to stop his flesh from turning the slight tinge of blue that it had become.

However his discomfort would only last so long as the building of my current residence came into view, its walls of dark brick being all the more uninviting than the cold snow hanging from the fire escapes that could threaten to break and skewer some innocent bystander. But, it was home sweet home until I got into my own business, with my own family and a lover to welcome me home every night. Yes, that's what I wanted and a dog too.

As we walked into the entrance of the building, I could clearly see upon Christian's face the look of slight discomfort from the amount of odd people near the elevator and even some late night holiday hookers looking for a man ready to kill himself for the holidays, but, I wasn't planning that this year now that the youth beside me had shown up. Although his disturbed gaze tried to be hidden, I knew he hated it and probably wondered why I lived here. Well even though I work for a high class hotel chain and am technically the boss' third hand next to Dios, I don't get paid as well as I could, actually, ten dollars an hour. You can't afford a decent apartment on that…

Our words didn't bother to be exchanged as we ignored the people talking at us, one of which reached out to grab Christian without his knowledge, but they would not get to touch him as my own arm shot out with great reflex and caught the other. He was an older man, portly with greasy hair that had tried to grope the boy right out of my hands and upon being seized by my very hand he backed off, nodding in apology as though I were the dominate male. And that's damn right too! I was the dominate male compared to half the decaying people here; I was tall, young, strong and good looking! I owned these idiots and they had no idea about it either!

That newfound confidence in myself made it all that much easier to continue the trek to the elevator and enter it. Christian and I stood there for a few moments in complete silence and solitude, neither speaking as the seductive brown eyes of the beauty next to me gazed up at the blinking numbers of each floor. Oh such eyes had already captivated me, my mind a whirlwind of thoughts, like how soft were those thick lashes that so delicately dusted against his rose brushed cheeks? Or how silken is that brown, curled hair that looks too cute to be true?

My inner monologue never had a chance to fully finish as the door dinged softly, alerting us to the fact that we had arrived on the fifteenth floor of my apartment. I watched as Christian stepped out from the metal case and into the warm halls that were as dark as the world outside now. I watched in a heated fascination as he moved across the floor and stopped near the first door on the right as he waited for me to join him. I did so, coming next to him with a smile as I ushered him to my door with a gentle hand.

As I fumbled with the keys in the pocket of my thick, wool coat, I could hear his breathing get awkward and labored, as though nervous about being near the very place I lived in. I didn't advert my eyes even once from him as I managed to open the door and stepped in with Christian following behind me timidly. With a flick of the light switch I heard behind me the faint gasp of shock from those rose petal lips.

"Oh…this apartment, I wasn't expecting it to look so…well, wow…" Christian observed as he looked around the room. His surprise was well noted as those coffee orbs searched around, stopping on items of interest such as amateur but beautiful paintings to the shape of my black furniture to the rich burgundy drapes. It was a well-decorated area, it's overall appearance a shock because the building itself was bothersome to the eyes. I think in that moment I was more proud of myself than any paycheck could offer as I walked with a skip in my step towards my coat rack where my wool jacket would be held for the time being.

"I know, most people see this apartment complex and think it's rundown, and it is, but it doesn't mean that my personal space has to be" I explained, watching then as the youth took a seat in a soft, plush chair and looked around in awe, mindful and well mannered as to not touch anything. I respected that and gave him a smile as I joined him by sitting on the couch adjacent to him.

The room was filled with relative silence as we sat there together, the lull of florescent lights above making soft noises to mix with the gentle voices through the walls and even the sound of snow falling to the ground could be heard. With this boy Christian here it was just so peaceful, relaxing. However the silence needed to be broken, I needed to hear his voice more, to hear the gentle flutter of his words against my ears so that I could have a true holiday to remember.

"So, tell me…how come you are out so late at night anyway? I would have been certain that a kid your age would be with your family, not in the apartment of a man you don't even know. No family problems, right?" I asked, but instead of getting the sweet smile in response to the question, I was met with a glare from the boy, a sharp angry thing that I could really call ugly.

"That is NOT your business! Keep your nose out of it!" He growled at me, turning with a huff as his brown curls whipped away, shielding his visage from my gaze. What had I said that upset him so? All I did was question if there were some family problems going on, was that wrong of me? At that point I really didn't know how to approach him, his sudden anger throwing me off as he continued to stare at the wall, ignoring me. I felt stupid, ashamed suddenly that I even bothered to ask about issues that clearly weren't my business. Yet, I wonder, what possessed me to even care?

Another bout of silence encountered us, the odd tension in the room causing me to rise from my cushioned seat in search of something to do, like turn on the small Christmas tree in the corner and to retrieve a cold drink for Christian. I returned to him in a moment, passing to him a can of grape soda, which he took sullenly. With the boy like this, I couldn't help but sit down next to his young, slim body as I placed my hand on his shoulder warmly.

"Listen, I didn't mean to pry, I was just concerned. It's not normal to find a kid your age around the downtown mall at this hour…I guess I just assumed too much…sorry" I said softly, touching his shoulder all the more as my fingers seemed to linger against him, gentle yet they kneading his flesh in an odd way but my mind was too cluttered to do anything about it.

"It's alright…I…I am having some problems is all, I thought it better to just hang out around the mall today. It's always like this with me on the special times of the year" he whispered softly, looking to me at that moment so sweet and so very attractive. What I did next to this day still puzzles me, but it happened and I could witness myself doing it at the exact time as the boy's face was turned by my hand and those soft, beautiful petal lips where met with my own.

Then within seconds of the first kiss between us I was brought to a world of relief and flavor as I kissed that sweet mouth. The warmth of the kiss was frighteningly beautiful, so gentle and soft that not even my mind had its own mind to stop my arms from grabbing him gingerly to deepen the kiss. Yet I should have known, I must have had some indication that I was being a fool, but I didn't until the sudden blast of pain hit my bottom lip, causing me to push away from the very lips I had enjoyed.

It only took a moment for me to realize what I had done and what I had done to Christian of all things. He sat there before me, tears of both fear and humiliation in his eyes, while his face was turned into a scowl of hatred for what I had done. He growled at me as suddenly those fine, slender hands reached out and slapped me hard across the face, sending me reeling back into my coffee table, this being the most suitable time for him to run from me towards my bedroom. The click of a lock proved that.

In a fluster I shot up from my chair and ran to the door where I pressed my ear to the hard oak to hear what I could. There was panting inside along with gentle sniffles of a very disturbed young man. The guilt that flowed into me was like a massive burden on me and I hated myself that moment, as my stupid kiss and I scared the youth.

"Christian? Please don't cry! I'm sorry…I-I don't know what I was doing or thinking!…god I'm so dense" I said to the other, my voice faltering as I finished my last words, knowing they were too true. What I didn't know was at that time Christian was within my room, sitting back against the bed in fear, trembling for what had happened.

(Here ends Retsuhei's POV)

There situated upon such a piece of furniture he touched his lips gently, feeling upon them a tingle of desire as the swollen flesh ached for more of hard kisses to make him feel more pleasant than he ever had before.

It was that very notion that he turned a dark red in his cheeks, his body shaking all over as a full no to the very idea that, yes, he might just be as in need as the man Retsuhei that had kissed him so sweetly, gentle and without a hint of force in it. The youth thought just slightly that perhaps it was a bit rash his actions, especially striking the man that had selflessly offered him money and food and a warm place to stay for the night. But what had he been thinking Christian thought, to kiss him in such a manner! The man was clearly homosexual and although Christian wasn't sure he was like that, he did know that he fantasized about his brother Rowan in one or more sexual ways, so did that mean that he too wanted a man as well?

The sudden slam of a fist against the door broke away the confused thoughts from the young Valen's head, making him blink as he wondered what he would do now. After all, he was in the bedroom of the very man that had violated him with a kiss that was snuck up on him! That kiss, Oooh, it was awful! All tingly and warm, full of a strong passion that made his head spin and knees weak even when he wasn't standing! Truly awful! (:P) With a bitter huff he glared continuously at the door until the large slate of wood began to creak with Retsuhei pounding on it, his fist denting the hard material, his power alone making the young Christian's mouth hang open in shock and face blush at the idea of how strong he can be.

"Christian, come out of there, I didn't mean to frighten on, please open the door. Uh…I don't know why I did what I did, but something about you looked so lonely that I thought, I don't know, I guess I thought you were as depressed as me…" Retsuhei said then, catching the other off guard as he listened intently then to the words muffled through the door, the bewildering paragraph that made the youth stand and unlock the door.

Upon opening the door, Christian saw before him a broken man, a visage so beautifully twisted into his own personal pain. With a soft sigh, Retsuhei smiled gently and moved aside, keeping a distance between them as to not frighten them. However, what he got was a closer proximity to the beautiful youth as Christian boldly stood before him.

"The reason you didn't have anywhere to go tonight, it's not because it was so late, was it?" Retsuhei asked softly, getting a nod in return for the question. It was times like that, seeing the sorrow on Christian's face that the older man had to hold himself back from reaching out and saving the poor boy from his own emotional turmoil.

"No…it wasn't. My father is the only parent I have since my mother died, and I'm glad she's dead so she wouldn't have had to seen the monster the man she married had become. When he's drunk or just angry he makes sure he beats my other brothers and me, when he's sober he does the same. Also, he makes his friends do things to us for money…" he whispered softly, Retsuhei having to strain at that moment to hear him better, but there was pain, horrible pain in his voice.

"I wish I could understand but if your looking for a place to stay in order to avoid this treatment, then feel free to stay here as long as you need. I don't mind, it wouldn't be too bad to have someone to keep me company" the older of the two said, watching the other with both a concerned and semi-needy gaze, Retsuhei observing the hissy kitten that seemed to puff up at the idea, but quelled quickly by the idea that, indeed, a stranger was better than his own father.

Christian gave a nod to his host and sighed dejectedly as he soon realized that the only way to be free from a twisted man was to be in the company of a man he didn't even know. Even so, the pouting youth with the chocolate cream eyes looked upon the smiling Retsuhei as he spoke nonsense to him and placed his hand upon the youth's shoulder in a comforting manner. In all honesty, Christian had never met a man that looked so suave and sexy but was so very chatty and a little dense at times, almost…human. Unlike his father of course.

"If you do want to stay here, I just need to know where you would like sleeping arrangements? My couch is okay to sleep on, soft and plush, or you could share my bed, your choice" the suave one said softly, looking to Christian then, his thoughts rapidly turning from kind stranger to a little perverted. Those very ideas were pushed aside when Retsuhei realized what the boy had been through and the last thing he would want would be more kisses or perhaps more.

"I'll share the bed, you're living room look…..uh, unfriendly" Christian murmured, causing Retsuhei to take a look at his home. There was nothing unusual except for the fact that many corners were dark and foreboding, as though scaly arms could shoot out any moment and grasp an unsuspecting person and pull it into darkness.

"You're not afraid of the dark, are you?" Retsuhei asked, the very comment causing the youth to turn bright red at such a suggestion! Even if it was true!

"N-No! I'm not afraid of something as frivolous as the dark! I'm more of a man than that! How dare you think otherwise! I have a bad back, so I need to sleep on a mattress, okay?" Christian cried, defending himself in the most adorable way, as that gentle hue of red seemed to envelope his face quicker than ever within the alluring gaze of Retsuhei.

"That makes sense, my back bothers me at times as well if I don't sleep on something proper. Well, you can go to bed now if you like. You already know where it is. I'll be in shortly, I just need to check my email and do some busy work and I'll be right in" said Retsuhei, giving the boy a smile before retiring to his desk in one of the darkened corners. With the monitor on, Christian could see how the shadows cast against his face, giving him an almost eerie, yet sensual, look, as though Retsuhei was a creature meant to be bathed in shadows to add to his allure.

Sighing softly, Christian left the dark room and entered the bedroom he had been in just moments ago. He still felt odd, the sensation of Retsuhei's lips still pressed flush against his own burned upon his mouth and mind as he pulled the covers out of the bed with the thick, silk sheets beneath. He stared with a vague interest in the colours of the expensive sheets, seeing the deep burgundy and violet, as though a king would press his hard body against the soft, satin sheets.

With a bit of a guilty blush, Christian quickly removed his over shirt and placed it on the chair, adding then his jeans before climbing under the covers with a gulp. How many times had Retsuhei laid in the same bed, his body perhaps clothed in nothing at all? Or how many times had Retsuhei touched himself in his loneliness under the very sheets that Christian now laid under? With that very idea swirling in his mind, Christian could feel the blush creep ever further, but instead of pushing away the sheets he cuddled down further into them, needing some form of warmth, a warmth lost to him since birth.

It wasn't long until the sound of footsteps and the gentle flick of lights outside the door alerted the sleepy youth whom looked up, seeing the towering frame of Retsuhei enter the room with a tired sigh as every bone and muscle in his body were working together to make him groan in pain. The curious eyes of the young man in the bed secretly followed Retsuhei as he shed from his body every article of clothes other than his simple cotton pants before pulling the sheets back to the large bed.

The warmth of the sheets and the welcoming little frame was like heaven to the older man, the sight of a breathing lump in his bed being the one thing in his past years of loneliness that could make him smile.

"You still awake?" Retsuhei asked, looking over to the brown crop of hair peeking out from the thick quilts. The response that he received was a mere muffled yes as Christian curled up a little more upon feeling the other shift beside him, his body clearly strong, hard and inviting that little Christian fought the sudden need to blush for it.

"It's midnight, Merry Christmas" the inviting man said to the other, leaning over to gently whisper into his ear to cause all the delicate little hairs on Christian's peach flesh to rise up and make his body tremble in a wave of what could only be considered desire.

Christian was not about to hide the truth of his true self, because he knew he liked men, he had since he saw his half brother Rowan. Rowan, he was strong, attractive, kind and suave, sort of like Retsuhei, yet the lavender haired man possessed another sort of childish charm.

These thoughts and more ran through Christian's head well towards 2am as he tried to sleep with the other next to him, the very man that managed to sleep while he remained in his own personal turmoil. There he lied next to a man that willingly took him into his home for the night, gave him a place to sleep and although kissed him, never made any further advances. Yes, he could see himself falling for a man like this.

Falling for him? The very idea, the initial thought, was all that Christian could think of now! The next step of action he took after his musings woke Retsuhei from his sleep. Dark chocolate eyes opened as the heavy lids parted upon feeling a sudden weight shift on top of him. In confusion as to why he felt this pressure and why his body was warmer than before beneath the sheets caused his gaze to snap open and clear instantly upon seeing the flushed face of Christian hovering over him.

"…Just for tonight, please, give me some physical comfort…J-Just tonight though!" Christian said, blushing harder than ever before as the very words spilled from his mouth in an adorable demand that made Retsuhei question why anyone would ever want to be hurtful or cruel to the little beauty.

There was a general understanding between the two as Retsuhei nodded in agreement to Christian's terms, because he too was in a rut and in need of that physical comfort. With movements both sensual and slow as to not frighten the inexperienced youth, Retsuhei reached up from beneath the blankets and took within his hands the sweet face of the other before bringing the lovely visage closer until the gentle press of their lips met, and electricity seemed to spark between it.

The room changed in that moment as the silence that had once enveloped it was now thick with pent up desire, lust and passion as the two exchanged a mind shattering kiss that lasted for many glorious minutes and each time one would come up for air, they found their lips consumed once more by the other.

Soon the kisses could not be enough to fulfill the burning in both of their bodies as Christian eagerly and with need began to pull at the hem of Retsuhei's pants, his desire to have their bodies connected in one moment of absolute bliss was overwhelming.

"T-Take off your pants…" Christian begged softly, pushing the quilt from his shoulders before removing his own shirt and shivering as the cold attacked his pink, perked nipples. Hearing the pleading words and feeling the ever pleasant shudder, Retsuhei could do nothing more than listen to the breathy pleas and slip his hands to the hem of his pants, pulling them down with Christian's help, and allowed his straining length to be free from the heated confines.

The desire and lust suddenly took a new turn as the two now exposed to each other were faced with the reality of what they were doing. They were two strangers who just met, two different people of different age and now in the first moments of intercourse. After a few awkward moments, Retsuhei took a different approach as he reached out and placed his hand on the back of the swan like neck of the young Christian and pulled him down to deliver a soft, sweet kiss to calm him.

"Don't be frightened. We don't need to do anything Christian; we could just sle-" he stopped when the other shook his head, the determination in the youth's eyes burned brighter with his lusts governing it. There was definite fear in the slow way in which Christian's fingers curled and uncurled on the other's stomach, afraid to go further. However, in knowing that Christian himself was beyond the point of no return, he swallowed his worries away and shifted on top of Retsuhei to prepare for the initial penetration.

"Alright, I understand you….just let me get a condom" Retsuhei said softly, twisting his body around to the bedside table where a small container of rather old and unused condoms were kept. As he picked the right one for the people blessed with girth (XD) he suddenly felt soft fingers wrapping around his wrist and gently his hand was pulled away from the square of foil, left to drop in the drawer where it originally was.

"No…no condom, I don't want you to wear one" Christian said breathily, having finished the complete removal of his clothes while Retsuhei had leaned over to retrieve the unwanted protection. The older man wished to say more to the other, but his mind was clearly made up as Christian reached between Retsuhei's legs and gripped the hardened appendage which was already moist with desire. Little could be done to stop Christian now as the sweet face youth began to guide the tip of Retsuhei's pulsating member towards the tight, puckered nub that separated both of them from pleasure.

Retsuhei was the only one between the two that tensed as Christian slowly lowered himself down onto the very base of the other's member, his voice high in a gasping moan as he allowed his body to slide down upon the rigid length that stretched his orifice to the point of tearing him in two! The two, both breathing heavily, stared at the other. One look was slightly pained, the other concerned as Retsuhei reached out and caught a single, crystalline tear from Christian's delicate cheek.

"I-I'm alright, it just…I…I didn't know it would hurt like this…." The youth whimpered ever so softly causing Retsuhei's heart to go out to the confused little youth. Christian let out a sob, the stinging in his rectum becoming more apparent as Retsuhei shifted a little against him, the girth of him intense and filled as much as it could inside the other's virginal tightness.

"We should stop….but if you want to go on I won't stop this" Retsuhei said, gripping the other's thighs gently, caressing them as though to ease the pain away. An inaudible sound came up from the other's silky throat as Christian pressed his hands to Retsuhei's stomach and leaned forward as he began to pull off of the stiffness inside him, his mouth opened in panting gasps at the very sensation brought on by it.

"Uhhnn…Oh god, it f-feels so odd…..Ah!" he cried gently then, stopping just before completely slipping off the other. Retsuhei watched, his inflamed organ getting harder inside the other at the erotic display before him. Lips like soft peaches parted in the naughtiest moans, soft velvet cheeks flushed and warm chocolate eyes lidded in a lustful, come hither way; it was the best Christmas gift for Retsuhei.

All Retsuhei could do at that moment was watch as Christian lowered himself back down onto the large erection as quickly as he could and with Retsuhei help by spreading the sweet cheeks behind him. The second that Christian had completely sheathed the other, his eyes widened, his shoulders trembled and his own steadily growing erection suddenly became very hard as he let out a long, deep throated moan of bliss. It was like heaven to the youth, the prickling feeling like a thousand bolts of lightening traveling throughout his young body, pleasuring him like the very caress of feathers all over.

Retsuhei felt it as well, the heat of this young and willing creature around him, his body seeming to very eager to take his burning appendage as deep as it would go, to feel so close to the other in such an intimate way. Once Christian was seated once more atop Retsuhei, he new then that he had to take it into his own hands. With a quick motion, Christian found himself instantly on his back; the pillows behind him suddenly under his back as Retsuhei positioned him properly, knowing that first timers needed to be done the right way.

"You're inexperienced Christian, let me show you how easy and gentle it can be, alright?" Retsuhei said, the rich tenor of his voice, the very sensual and capable voice touched Christian all over, much like the soft fingers that now touched his chest gently, before finally the older man bowed down and stole a sweet and plump cherry nipple in his teeth.

The sudden cry of lust made Retsuhei smirk only more while a shudder of delight filled the youth under his questing tongue. It was like awkward feeling, the sensation of that slick, wet muscle trailing from his naval to his left nipple, his lips teasing that as well in a nice bout of Christmas foreplay!

It went on like this for several moments as Christian lied there and allowed Retsuhei to use his body as a sensual playground, each patch of warm, ripe flesh like the skin of a peach as Retsuhei tasted each inch. Christian, now totally engrossed in the process of love making, could only lay back on the pillows and writhe gently as the other kissed and suckled on his neck and chest, the youth trembling each time he felt Retsuhei's thick length pulsate within him, reminding him of the size and pleasure that it could bring.

"Uhn…R-Retsuhei, I-I can't take anymore of this pestering…. it's burning so much inside me" the youth whimpered gently, his voice turning into moans as the feel of Retsuhei nearly melting within him. A warm chuckle rose as Retsuhei removed his tongue for the time being and shifted onto his knees, his member still beating strongly inside Christian.

Those lusty little cries and the begging was enough to allow Retsuhei some pity on the beautiful youth as he finally braced the sweet creature on the bed, his thighs open wide and held within Retsuhei's strong hands before he imitated the very first independent thrust into Christian's body. And as though a million symphonies all over the world were playing at once, Christian's cry rang out in the most beautiful, enchanting cry that Retsuhei had ever heard.

"Christian, you sound wonderful" Retsuhei complemented, driving his engorged flesh into the now moist, trembling orifice that gladly accepted as much as Retsuhei as it could, inch after inch to bring him bliss.

The gasping youth could only make small whimpers in response as he allowed his body to be overcome with jolt after jolt of tingling sensation, the sensation almost as if he were frozen and a waterfall of hot water fell over him, flushing his pink, ripe flesh and unthawing his anger towards the world. For the first time in forever it seemed as though Christian had completely forgotten about his brother, and felt and heard only Retsuhei.

The older of the two felt it as well each time the head of his already weeping member would pull out of the other and then plunge back inside, filling the tight channel each time and striking the very core of the sweet youth. Vaguely during the passionate love making, Retsuhei thought back to his old lovers, knowing that none of them ever filled him with such a wild desire as the type used upon this very boy. No, Christian was different and provoked all the lust and need in a man like Retsuhei, driving him into a world he did not want to come out of as he knelt there, worshipping the thrashing youth with the cherry lips.

"R-Retsuhei! Uhhn…! Harder! Please!" Christian's begged, his needy voice snapping Retsuhei out of his own thoughts as he looked at the beautiful boy and did as he so requested. Then again, how could he ever deny the voluptuous youth that allowed him to insert his member into? Upon the request of his new little lover, he began to pick up speed, causing the entire bed frame to shake and shimmy as Retsuhei literally pounded into the tight opening of the other, leaving Christian screaming in lust at 2:30am and most likely disturbing the neighbors. But could they even really care? Of course not! It was a magnificent feeling, two bodies connected in a whirlwind of emotions and sensations that Retsuhei and Christian both knew at that moment that they would not be able to leave, as this connection made them realize how much they truly needed someone.

"I-I think I can't hold on anymore"

"What? No, you're good, just concentrate on me, that way we can complete this together"

"Uhn…haa…a-alright" Christian whispered, closing his eyes as he focused only on the sensation of large, warm hands against his naked thighs, the driving force of rock hard flesh stealing his virginity and then of the soft, passionate kisses that now stole his breath away. All this caused the youth to reach out and pull Retsuhei to him and cling for dear life, their chests pressed together, his youthful phallus caught between the press of their bellies.

As soon as Christian clung to the other, his face buried deeply in lilac scented locks of violet had he begun their downfall into a turbulent bliss. Christian's body was so young, so inexperienced that the combination of that fact and the continuous friction on his member brought on a sudden shudder as he finally met his climax, his rigid appendage so fiery red at the tip was now purple as it erupted between the two, Christian's voice ringing out in a startling scream of desire that soon grew hoarse as he came.

Just as Christian had finally felt that pleasure did Retsuhei then follow, his thrusts quicker and harder until he shuddered, releasing not only his own milky essence into the other, but also a long, heavy groan of satisfaction that reverberated in Christian all over. With the final dying sounds of passion, Retsuhei allowed his arms to rest and release the smooth thighs as he collapsed against Christian, crushing the other with his weight and thanking his god for that moment of inconceivable harmony.

"Mmrrrrmm…R-Retsuhei, you're heavy" said Christian suddenly after five minutes of quite, the small youth moving to shift the larger man atop him. Retsuhei chuckled, moving so that he could stare down into the fatigued eyes of his one-night stand, to see there the satisfaction that could not be hidden in those eyes even with a pair of sunglasses.

"Sorry…so, how was your first time, Christian?"

"….it was defiantly different, but felt good" he replied, shifting with a sigh as his lower back ached like the devil. He looked up to Retsuhei then, his brow furrowed towards the other, his question so evident in his eyes as they were in Retsuhei's as well "So…what does this all mean?"

What did it mean indeed?

The snow had just begun to soften, the breath of the world frosted the windows gently, and in a lonely city two souls found each other and locked in a passionate embrace for the rest of the night.

What happened next, only the dust of a snowflake knows.

The End

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