come on babe, why don't we cause a ruckus?

know any words that rhyme with ruckus?

-Cinematography -

The problem with pretending

to live inside a movie is

that the scripted calls for rain,

never come in time for the kiss-

but at least you can do as many takes

as you like to get

the scene just right

Scene 1: Crime Scene Noir

is exactly the type of office I want

to work in.

Walk on in, dollface,

hang your coat by the door

and when I'm done taking this call

I'm going to have a chat with


(Turns around to the blinds. Hands lowering the fedora,

and running fingers along the brim)

"Hey baby, I'll ring you up later".

Scene 2- Suspense that drains

the color from my eyes:

Be my horror flick

with our pre-orchestrated

score of screeching violins, and

corn syrup.

Black and white terror-

The female lead

gets taken away,

but never dies.

Well, at least not now.

I just want to hear you scream.

Allegories can't you see?