You push me down growling your displeasure meets ecstasy

Rising and falling as the ripples resonate over our skins still weeping

Diamond drop pure passion tears. You fill me until I drown you out,

Both of us choking on these Semi-Precious dreams we can't quite


You sigh 'I love to make you squirm' as we dance, held

By the night in moonstone shackles. Feminine perfection

That blinded us whilst we shed our coats of Fools Gold to be found

By morning still naked in the sun.

You broke my glasses telling me you didn't suit a Rose

Quartz tint, Hidden Truth just wasn't your colour. You took

Out you're paint brush and I asked you to paint me as I should be, canvas

Skin untouched. You made me bleed Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz,

Nearly a million shades freshly carved in flesh.

When you were done I studied the picture and staring

Into your Tiger Eyes asked why you had missed my birthstone.

Laughing you kissed away my sadness and seared through my heart

As you whispered

'We both know that Rubies stain the sheets.'