Black Light

Oh Black Light, shine on me

Shine hard, shine powerfully

Make your beams stretch from land to sea

Oh Black Light, darken my mind for me

Yes, Black Light, you are the dark idol above

You are the shade I have come to love

Have the vultures do away with the doves

Yes, Black Light, you are the energy that I speak of

Guide the way, Black Light, create the way

You have the power seize the night and the day

I have faith in you and every sunset, I pray

Guide the way, Black Light, I move on your say

Praise the Black Light, takeover my heart

I shall use your duskiness to leave my mark

Concoct the shadows that I fancy to start

Praise the Black Light and all hail the dark!

Hey there,

Even though this dark poem might be self-explanatory, I shall explain anyway. Darkness doesn't mean evil or Devil, so don't make that misinterpretation. This an ode to those who dwell in the depths instead of on the surface. You know who you are.

Zander Williams