Assassins Crush Volume12

By: Tetsuya Wasaki

Wow! Says reaper that sounds bad if you want to do this and he isn't behind you all the way then he doesn't love you as much as you think. Yes he does Jamie says with an angered voice and who are you to tell me that Keith doesn't love me Jamie says with his voice raising didn't Zack cheat on you no what says Jamie with his voice now at the top of his lungs. Calm down says drill don't bug out on Sasawa you know he's right and now you need to do something about this if you really love Keith then you should tell him the truth and if Keith really love you then it won't matter if you do what you do. With sort of a smile. So subject change what's up with you Jason you haven't said a thing all conversation, nothing much my boyfriend hasn't been around for the last few days though he seems to have plan with his friends every night and they don't even know about me and every time I tell him to tell them he says get off his back about it he will, he will, he will he says. What should I do you guys? I'm so lost you think he's embarrassed by me or something. Well if my man was acting up which he's not(smile) shut up they all say "Well, my fault says reaper I though you were asking for an opinion HM!" reaper turns his head in ignorance of them and their comment just then here come Zack fresh right out of the shower lookin' good water dripping in between the crevasses Zack's Honey covered muscles "babe where are my boxer's which one's reaper says falling in love all over again under Zack's steel blue eye's "the one's that cuff my cakes(Butt) in the 8th dresser in the seventh drawer. What's up you guys and drills the first one to give Zack a slap on the hand and when he did Zack's towel came off, Dam! Was the reaction when they see Zack's man hood reaper runs up and puts Zack's towel back on and stuffs him in the room.

To Be Continued…..