I'm not sure if it's complete or not. Major editing may be in store.

The candles are lit
Red wax drips slowly,
The table is clean-
No trace of the last meal
A feast has been laid out for you
Full of everything
Everything I've had to choke down
For you.
Sit down
And eat-

Chew on grapes
They burst in your mouth
Like small violet bugs pulsing.
The juice of their existence
Stains your tongue.
Try not to grin-
The seeds are stuck
In your yellowed incisors.

Rancid meat
Festering in old gravy
Your own tall tales
Should have smelled as good.
The pungent decay
Perfumes the air
Dip it in sludgy stew
It's easier to swallow
Than your lies
That way
Try not to gag
As it coats your mouth
Leaving a lingering trail
Thick with rot.

The perfect compliment:
Moldy bread
Green and hard
That slices your cheeks
As you chew
The salty taste of blood
Must soften it up
Though it does nothing to mask
The fuzzy texture
That coats your gums.

Fill your cheeks with candied fruit
Their sickening sweetness-
So much like your smiles
Let the sugar dissolve your teeth
As confection drool trickles out
Green and yellow
Mixing on your chin.

And all that is so delicious
Becomes a mess of sludge
Dry and tasteless
Wash it down
With a vile concoction
Its deceit sliding down your throat
Like unsweetened maggots
Wriggling inside.

Clean up with a greasy napkin
That smears everything
Across your jaw.
Crumbs fall to the floor
For the rats to clean up.

Eat damn it
Cram it down
And when you choke
I'll slit your throat
So you can breath
You're not going to die on me
Not yet.

When I said you'd eat your words
I meant it.
Now relax and enjoy
This feast I prepared
For you.