Marila was a girl. Her mother was a librarian. Her father was a programmer. Her brothers
were nice. Her sister lived in an apartment. Her older brother, Matt lived in Boston.
He was in college. Marila had her own room and wore nice clothes.
And her life sucked.
No one under stood. Her mom got upset when Mari (her nickname) said that she felt different.
Her father took it as an insult. So no one heard her cry at night. She curled up beneath
her warm green blanket and felt her silent tears fall on her pillow. She couldn't explain.
Her friends complained about siblings, homework, grades teachers, boys. So did Mari. But . . .
but she felt sad in side. Her life was empty.
And no one came. No soul-saving friend. No wonderful guy. Mari waited in vain. She prayed
for the emptiness to be filled, she prayed for happiness. she wondered what it was like to
feel wanted special.
how could a person go to bed and just sleep... not worry. not wish, or pray. And then wake up
optimistic? Mari had given up on optimism long ago. what was the point? It was all just a
superficial feelings. like the dumb holidays that got them out of school, so that she could
spend MORE time with the pain. If she complained, she
felt like a brat, there were people that ate garbage and didn't have clothing due to poverty.
But should she suffer? Could she stop it?
She remembered the summer that her sister had tried to commit suicide. she had taken all those
pills... Mari's parent's didn't hide the meds any more. They thought that everyone was happy. they were wrong.
Mari sat on the floor while the moonlight filtered through the glass of her window. She stared at the full
bottle of Tylenol in her hand. This could stop it. She wouldn't have to care any more. Mari heard the song by
Dido playing in her mind:
: "And it's not so bad... And it's not so bad..."
And it wasn't. What if she missed the call?

So when Mari feels alone, she remembers. It may be, but she shall over come.
Thank-you (dido)
My teas gone cold
I'm wondering why I got
out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be gray
But your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad
It's not so bad.
A/N: Please, I heard what happened with that blink-182 song. DON'T DO IT. Sorry, just had to say that. The song
belongs to Dido.