The Judgment

I have given you a story, and I have given you stones. And you will throw them, or drop them. Because all of life is a balance. The need to be selfless versus the need to be somebody. The need to serve versus the need to control. The need for intimacy versus the need for individuality. The need to cry out in pain versus the need to endure in faith. The need to stand up for something you believe in versus the need to have something stand up for you. The need to give versus the need to take. The need to rest versus the need to work. And the struggle will tear us apart. But to not care, to not try, was left behind a long time ago. We just draw strength from God and the fact that he can cover our mistakes. And by his grace, maybe we'll be happy today. What more can we hope for? Our grand dreams run away. But maybe God will smile just a little smile on us. Maybe.