Concerning Bad Moods and Chocolate

The Devil is always in a bad mood

No matter how his dark angels console him,

No matter how many souls he destroys,

Nothing can change him.

He is always in such a bad mood

That the flames below

Leap frantically and turn the deepest red

And the trapped souls howl in fear.

Once, His Angels with their ashen wings

Wished to know the reason,

They tiptoed through the gates of there

To ask for an explanation.

Flames crackled and snapped at their feet,

As they stole along the corridors,

Through the palace of the Devil,

Through the pain of Never More.

Upon a throne so high and mighty,

That his angels had to shout

So that he could hear them,

Sat the unhappy Devil.

'What do you want!'

He barked in malice,

Making the Angels quake with fear.

'Why? Why have you come here?'

'Great, supreme, high and mighty,

We wish to know,

Why are you always so angry,

Why can we never lift your moods?'

The devil from atop his throne,

Laughed with such pure hatred,

That the angels opened their black wings,

And fled from the room.

When he was alone again,

The Devil thought to himself,

'The reason is because I can't eat chocolate,

When I bring it down here, it melts.'