its nothing but a warm breeze at my face/a warm memory at your touch(something i have longed for since the first night i realized that the blood in my veins would cease to exist if it were not for you, since you are the holder of my heart)and dont think ive forgotten your shady eyes and your words arriving at my doorstep in a casket with a letter pinned to the top reading those words are as dead as your heart and like a nightmare you cant control im suddenly shakingshakingtrembling completely terrified of what happens next and im still just shakingshaking as my pale hand floats to the casket door and opens it oh god what happens next and i close my eyes and say nonono it wasnt supposed to be this way not this way and suddenly the wind picks up and i melt into the sun; only to be the warm breeze upon your face a year from now, when you've forgotten what you did to me and when she sends you a casket with the same letter you gave to a forgotten girl and you're just thinking nonono as you open the casket and pinnedstunned(like a dead rose) you unravel to a fate the same as mine as your bloodied heart rolls out of the casket &

its just that,

some things will never change

when it comes to love