"Of a Father and a Son"

"Are you sure you're not coming?"

"I'll be fine. Now, go! Or else you won't catch that plane…"

"Well…if you say so…Bye!"

"That was my wife. She's a businesswoman. She gets to go to different business trips. But this trip she's going to right now is a personal one. She decided to leave for California to see our son, who works as a teacher there. However…I assure you…she won't find him there…"

"Sometimes, I myself wonder…Why did I kill him again? There was nothing wrong with him. He was the perfect son! When I taught him how to ride a bike, he mastered it at the first minute! I taught him everything I knew about chess and he even developed new techniques! He was always valedictorian at everything! While I could only get close…He inherited all my talents! And he even sharpened them to perfection! He had everything I never had! And then I suddenly stop wondering…I finally remember why I killed him."

"But I thought he was a teacher in California – I hear you say. That was just something I made up to cover-up the crime. It was the perfect lie about somebody so successful. And yet, it reduces him to just another being inferior to me, the president of such a successful company."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm expecting a call from my hired assassin…"


"Hey, you're calling pretty early…"

"Dad, it's me…I just wanted to let you know that mom made it here…We we're wondering when you'd be joining us…"