Chapter 1: The Last Time?

"That's her?" Murmurs of the same question rushed through the hallways.

"Who is she?" More whispers spreading through the school.

I had no clue who they were talking about. Was it a celebrity? If it was, who? Beyoncé? Mariah Carey? Keira Knightley? Or was it another one of those self motivating therapists that they send oh so often to our school to aid us in "school spirit" or "self confidence?" It was too crowded to see anything in the corridor, people where shuffling here and there, making out, dropping things, bullying, all sorta of different shit. Yet then again, I didn't give a damn. It was probably just another new nerdy girl from town. We've had those, oh yeah, plenty. The ones that gain the teacher's love the minute they're seen, the ones that say please and thank you when the teacher hands them a fucking exam! Now, those girls, they need their head examined.

The questions spread more and more, I heard them all day long, in Algebra, Geography, History, English, everywhere! Who the hell was this girl? I'm betting she's no Reese Witherspoon, so why the hell was everyone so excited to meet this freak of a girl? Or is it another one of those farm girls? Those with buck teeth, braids, overalls and baby chicks in her pocket. I shuddered at the thought of it, and at that very moment Betty Ann walked past me in her faded overalls, straw hat, haylike braids and a little puff ball chick in her hand. It was enough to make me hurl. Honest.

The day passed me by like usual. Wake up, lockers, sleep through most of class, and take the bus home. Tossing my bag over my shoulder, I shuffled along in the crowd ready to get into the bus that had just arrived. Students were pushing here and there, but I was used to it, after all, I have gone to Withering High for two years already. Once in a while, there'd be the new kid who'd get shoved purposely on accident, and if the Drake and his buds were feeling cruel that day, the new kid would manage to miss the bus altogether. Just as I was grabbing a student ticket from my knapsack, I felt someone collide right into me, yet I regained my balance quick enough to not fall, and before I knew it, my fast reflexes took the better of me and caught the person who had-now I realize- been pushed into me. Turning to see who it was I had somehow caught, I saw a girl with big brown, almost black eyes that matched her wavy hair, pointy looking nose, and about two inches shorter than me. She was dressed in the most bizzare clothes I had ever seen, flare jeans that had cut designs down the side, a shoulder type shirt-whatever the shit those were called- except hers, had slits along the neckline, but most of all, she was in knee high brown leather books with hexagons on them.

"Sorry." She says, before regaining her balance and standing up on her own.

I mumbled something I couldn't quite remember back to her as she headed towards Drake. Well, I guess I know who she is now. What a weird person, she's going to be so miserable, oh well. Looking in her direction, out the window, I saw the most astonishing sight ever, and just like me, all the other students that were aboard the bus were transfixed with shock.

Drake was pushing her backwards while one of his mates were on his hands and knees behind her.

"Oops, sorry Roxanna!" Drake says laughing as he pushes her, causing her to trip on the mate behind her-a most common trick- yet she didn't fall like all the other pranked before, oh no. She did a backflip, believe it or not, and landed on her feet as smooth as if she had invisible wings.

Before Drake had realized what was happening, she was advancing towards him and had tripped him from the back with her leg and dunked his head in the mud. "Sorry, my bad." She mimicked Drake's voice earlier and strutted away into our very bus. The door closed behind her as the bus started, and she rummaged through her bag to find a bus ticket.

Everyone seemed to have not yet recovered from the little surprise earlier. Now, I knew for sure that her life at Withering High would be more miserable than hell.

"No ticket means no ride." The bus driver gruffly said, receding to a stop.

A look of panic flashed through her eyes before she caught me watching her, and a smile spread through her face.

"Can you come for a sec?" She asked, seeing as I only about a meter away.

Reluctantly, I went over to her.

"Can I please borrow a ticket?" She asked, her eyes looking genuinely needy.

Sighing, I took my wallet out and handed her a green student ticket.

"Thank you." She said as she gave it to the driver.

She took a seat beside me and we sat in silence.

"I'm in deep shit, ain't I?" She asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Yep." I told her with no hesitation.

"I knew he was some kind of head popular guy thing." She murmured. "Too bad my body doesn't listen to my brain."

"Uh-huh." I said, not interested in the slightest bit. Why was she even talking to me? Or sitting beside me? It's your stupid reflexes, remember? Oh yeah, I caught her. I mentally hit myself on the head for doing that.

"What are you thinking of?" She asked, her voice-I just realized- sounded way to cheerful for my liking.

I didn't reply. Perhaps ignoring her would do the trick.

"How are your grades?" She asked again, not seeming to know that I was deliberately ignoring her presence.

I remained silent once again. Hoping she'd catch on. Plus, she was crossing the personal line, who the hell did she think she was? Asking me about my grades? I barely told my mother, so she's out of the league.

"What do you believe in?" She asked again, gazing up at me with those brownish black eyes that seemed to say 'you know you want to answer.' Looking away, I though of what I would do at home. Watch the Simpsons, then today there's supposed to be a special episol of South Park, and if I'm lucky, I'll catch Family Guy right after.

"What's your background?" I heard her voice ring in my ears again.

"Look, can you just shut the hell up?" I ask, irritated with her stupid curiosity. She's just a ninth grader, after all, who even talks to ninth graders?! Hell, I don't even talk to the teacher much, so forget students! I even admit, I'm a social outcast, so why gives a damn?

Her expressions turned drastically. From friendly to hurt, to anger and aggravation. "Sorry…" She murmured before turning to look out the window.

I got off at Greenfield Lane, to my knowledge to this day, no one lives on Greenfield Lane, they all live in Treeson Drive, or Swerveling Avenue. After all, Withering High is their homeschool, but me? I was sent here because my parents believed that I had learning disabilities when I had clearly none whatsoever. They've even brought me to several therapists! Anyhow, this time I was not the only person who got off a Greenfield Lane. Yeah, it's Miss. I-Am-In-Desperate-Need-Of-Friends-So-Let's-Bother-Brenden, I walked away, not wanting to be associated with her in any damn way. I heard her footsteps as she ran to catch up. I walked/sprint down Greenfield Lane, and when I finally dared to look back, she was nowhere in sight. It wasn't long before I spotted a lean figure on the middle of the road. Afraid the 'thing' might get run over, seeing as Greenfield had a fair amount of vehicules drive past, I hurried to it.

To my surprise, it was her. She was on the ground, lying on the cement in pain.

"I-I-" She broke off, and wince in pain.

"You…?" I ask, raising a brow.

"I sprained my ankle…could you, perhaps, help me up?" She asks, as her brows furrowed. Once again reluctant, I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her up.

"Ah!" She screams, the moment I try to get her up the slightest.

"Sorry?" I ask, unable to not roll my eyes.

"Look, I don't want your help any more than you want to help me!" She fires, her eyes sending glares at me from the ground.

"Ok then, bye then." I say as I started to walk away. Whoa, what a change of attitude?! And she's the one wanting my help too! So why the hell was she being to difficult?

"Sorry! Sorry Outcast Boy! I admit, I was a bit hasty, but please come and help me! I can't walk!" I hear her scream after me. This is the last time I'll ever be anywhere near her! I say to myself inwardly before going back to her.

"So, try again?" She asked, looking at my hopefully.

Sighing, I attempted to pull her to her feet again.

Once again, she screamed in pain. "Can you please be more gentle?"

"I'll try." I tell her dully.

So again, I reach for her small hand and try to get her up. And guess what? You're right, she screams her little head off because of her dainty little feet!

Scoffing, I bend down and scoop her up from the floor.

"Whoa! Ahh!" She screams, clinging to my neck.

"Take a chill pill." I say as I started to walk with her in my arms. To my amazement, she wasn't heavy at all, she was actually rather light, but she was completely overreacting, of course.

"Ok, please don't drop me into mud or the lake, just please, drop me on the park bench!" She compromises in terror.

And just to scare her for wasting my time when I could be watching t.v. right now, I sent her a smirk. "I've decided to cut you up into pieces and burry you in my backyard with all the other ones…"

"All the o-o-other ones?" She stammered, looking at me, her eyes wide.

"Yep." I say.

"Please, just let me go!" She pleads.

"Ok." I say, about to drop her to her death, probably.

"No!" She screams, realizing what I was going to do to her.

"Thought so." I say, then having my satisfaction in her freak out mode, I became serious again. "Where do you want me to bring you?"

"Ok, turn at Meadows Drive, and then I'll tell you the rest when you get there." She told me, sighing a little sigh of relief.

"So…your name's Roxanna? What kinda name is that anyways?" I ask, cocking a brow.

"It's a cool name, so just shut your mouth! What's your name, Mr. I'm-Too-Cool-For-Everyone-Else?" She asks, imitating my eyebrow, and once again, this girl suceed to surprise me, for she did it in one try.

"Brenden, you know, the normal kinda names!" I retorted, once again losing my patience.

"Hmph." Was all she said while crossing her arms over her chest.

"So, what the hell happened to your stupid precious Barbie feet?" I ask.

"Excuse me?" She questioned, clearly offended. "Barbie feet?"

"Well yeah, you know the small dainty plastic feet that you can break oh-so-easily?" I ask her, knowing I was getting to her.

"Well, excuse me!" She huffily says before jumping out of my arms, only to land on the grass.

I couldn't help but laugh at this girl's pride.

"It's not funny!" She huffs, trying to get up.

"Oh no, it's hilarious!" I say.

"Brenden, you are intolerable with you incompetetence!" She scoffs, as she once again tries to get up.

Rolling my eyes, I reached down and lifted her up again.

"Y-y-you!" She stuttered, so angry she seemed lost for words. "Uggg!" She screamed, kicking her feet, causing her boot to go flying at someone house.

I looked down at her quizzically, she flushed a tomato red.

"I-I-I was showing those wonderful neighbours of mind how pretty my boots are." She stammered, giving me a sheepish smile.

"Right…" I say as I go to pick up her shoe, rolling my eyes. This girl was crazy.

"It's what I do everyday, so live with it!" She storms, sticking out her stupid tongue at me.

I didn't reply. "Now where do I go?"

"Now turn on Skyhigh Lane and it's number 56." She told me.

The moment I got there, I was so stunded I would've dropped her if it wasn't, once again for my quick reflexes. Is it just destiny, or am I stuck with this freak of a ninth grader of the rest of my life? Because beside her house was the one I've lived in for the past seventeen years. So much for never be anywhere near her. Is my live going to be a living hell or what? And that was exactly how the first day I met her was, I was stuck with carrying her squirming little body to the house beside mine…

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