April 21st-1986

"Laura your going to have to accept that she has a gift, you cant just let it rot away like you did to yours, it's not fair to the girl."

"Mother she is my child and I will raise her as I damn well please and you will have to accept that you were the end of the line. I will not raise my daughter in a world of fear such as one you raised me in."

"You're nothing but a child yourself! If you let her gift lay dormant it will flare up in a force you won't be prepared to defend against, she is the strongest, and I can sense it. If you don't guide her in the right direction, it'll turn on you"

"My child will be a normal little girl, with normal problems, and a normal family!"

"She will never lead a normal life once she is 19, which is why you train her now!"

"My child will know NOTHING of this curse on our family and to ensure that she will know nothing of YOU"

February 8th -Present

She went to sleep with the smell of her mothers flowered perfume in her hair and the feel of her fathers strong hugs around her tiny, slender frame, yet the vision of terror that danced behind her eyes were all to much for these comforts to dissipate. Slowly her eyes opened as the daylight crept through the shades into her room, and the colors that surrounded her came into sharp perspective, that's when the memories flooded her senses and for the first time in weeks she let out a scream so strong it left her throat feeling raw, it was the first sound she had made since the accident.