To make someone else happy

Do I have to feel sorrow?

And will I have to suffer

To be happy tomorrow?

Are two hearts broken

While another one mends?

If you lose the beginning

Do you start at the end?

If I laugh 'til it hurts

Will I still feel sad?

By being true to myself

Will I make others feel bad?

If the sky fell in

Would the earth still stand?

And if the clouds toppled onto me

Would you grab my hand?

If I screamed in pain

Would you run to my side?

Skid to a halt

Turn like the tide?

But my heart's never been broken

Although you do not care

I'm not covered in clouds

As the sky is still there

I'll stop asking me questions

You won't break my heart

We've both lost the ending

Let's start at the start..

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