Im lost


I dont know what to do

It's hard to find someplace

When you feel the way I do

Some days I just want to fall asleep

And never wake up

Who will know im gone?

And honestly who will care

Im just one more suicide,

In a mass of millions

Some days I just want to jump

From the highest roof of the tallest building

They'll watch me as I plummet

As I make my great fall

They'll watch me as I silently pray

That this won't hurt at all




Is on my mind

What's a person to do

When life has put you through

The most horrible of things

The death toll it shall ring

Pills and cuts

Rapes and Lusts

Silence and darkness

Sadness and Depression

Cutting life away

With every single day

I sever myself from myself

Im out of body, out of mind

Im just another casual observer

Another careless little find

Some things are meant to be secrets

Some lives are meant to be cut short




Is on my mind

Today, Tomorrow

The world will follow

It's normal routine

With me never seen

When, oh when will this end?

Stop torturing my poor lost soul

For I am one, one of the few

Innocents of this world

This pain is blinding

And this promise binding

Some form of me shall be left

How many have I left bereft?

The blackened expressions

All my transgressions

Are coming out into the open

With all these words spoken

Good Riddance

They all shall say

Thank god,

This child died today

They dont care

As long as im no longer there

A part of myself,


But some still left

Enough to understand

The secrets I have kept




Is on my mind