Jason. That's what they call me. I trudge through life like a bull through a rice field, dragging a heavy burden behind me. The crying kids, the bitchy wife, loan payments, house mortgages, all hovering over my ears. Screaming for attention, screaming for money. Sometimes I wonder if I'm nothing but a source of money to my family. Things weren't always like this however. We were once rich, we had once all the money we could want. We were once happy. But that's all changed. All history. After losing one miserable client, the company decided I was useless and threw me aside. Gave me a desk job. A desk job... Me. Me with three masters from Yale. A desk job? Never. I left those bastards. So what if the economy had seen better days. I would rather starve than be humiliated by a desk job. Besides, I still have my stocks to see me through.

A year and a half had passed. So what if I hadn't got a job yet? The unemployment agency said that they had good news. Plus the internet was overflowing with job vacancies. I could easily get a job if things started to get really bad. No sweat. Oh well, the agency called me last night. They found me a job. Just after Andrews lane. A quiet place no doubt. Hardly anyone goes there, why would the agency send me to a company there? Is there even a business running there? Heh. Oh well, they said the company wanted me as a manager. Looks like all those months of waiting paid off. I got my suit ready. Time to blow those fools away.

Standing in front of the crumbling building, I started to think if this was a joke. The old lady told me over the phone that it was a olden, majestic building with the evident architectural style of the 70s. All I see is a dusty old building with graffiti as its foundation. Plus tonnes of wooden planks dotting the damn place. Maybe it's a branch office? Don't know, don't really care. I walked to the lift in my black tailored suit and pressed the "UP" button. An imprint of my finger was left there, the dust sticking to my finger like glue. The cab here cost me fifty bucks. And that was the only thing keeping me from going back home. Damn it, there's no business here. Did those goons get it right? It looks deserted. And I hear nothing but the low hum that the occasional breeze makes through holes in the peeling walls. I turned around, and started to walk back. But the doors of the lift creaked open. Huge, hollowed sounds echoed through the lobby. Or what seemed to be the lobby. Stupid thing needs some maintenance. I stepped into the dusty smelly cell and stared at the buttons. Five of the ten were missing. I looked at the slip of paper I scrawled on when the agency called me. Andrews lane, building 2, 15th story. What 15th? There's only till the 8th. Oh hell, I have to walk.

"Hello? This is Jason Spence's wife. Im calling to confirm if he really did got an interview. You know, just concerned. He doesn't really tell me things anymore. Oh? Oh. Wow. Andrews street? That prestigious Shipping company? Oh god! Yeah! It was a surprise for him? You mean you didn't tell him the company? Oh my, he'll get such a shock when he gets there! Yes. Yes. Thanks! I...oh my god. Things will get better now. I cant believe it. Thank you! I know! I cant wait for him to get back. Haha, yes, yes. And thank you again! Goodbye! Haha!"

I stared at the blinking light above the rusty doors. Strange. It's not moving. I kicked the doors. Still, nothing. I jabbed the "OPEN" button. Nothing. Damn this stupid thing. The lights above me flickered. What the hell? I snatched my mobile out. "No reception". Oh fuck it. Trapped in a lift. Oh whatever, such a shit company. And such a shit life. Whatever..

Six months later, they found Jason Spence's body leaning against the lift, still stuck on the fifth level. Feces and urine stained the floor. Flies were swarming around and maggots crawled through every orifice of Jason Spence. But Jason sat there, his eyes wide open and locked onto the roof of the lift, his mouth stretched into a grin. The police were puzzled. The lift's door could slide open easily if you push at it hard enough. And surely it was no impossible feat for the heavily muscled Jason? So why did he just sit there, waiting to die? Police are still investigating.