With just one kiss
Grey sky turns to blue
Your arms around my waist
Makes me feel like I can disappear
You catch me when I fall
and hug me when I'm down
Do you realize how my heart beats-
so out of control - when your close to me?
Do you see the look in my eyes?
How I always want to be with you,
but wont always let myself
Do you see my attempts to fight
all the urges to be near you?
When I fail, I can't help myself
Your attention is my drug
I'm addicted to everything about you
Searching your eyes for a sign
Watching your actions for a clue
Listening to everything you say,
just for something small
Something to tell me you know
And something so I know you feel the same.

A/N: I realize I used a couple big ugle cliches in this. I hate them too, but I couldn't think of anything totally original to say. Hope its alright :)