Saturdays and Mr. Adele

The dance was awesome I had the best time with Miach. He even drove me home after.

Alisa and Richard were out. Meaning I didn't have to worry about them seeing me with him, he even kissed my cheek. Sigh but I have to tell for as much as I liked him it just didn't feel right. I know im gay and I like being with him but kissing doesn't feel right. Maybe that's something that takes timeā€¦I wouldn't since I've never been in a real relationship.

Anyway it's Saturday and Landen is supposed to be here in a half hour to take me out, I look forward to these times cause I don't get to go out otherwise. So I always wonder where he'll take me, normally we go for brunch and then walk around the mall, but sometimes he'll take me to a movie or something like that. So here I in my damp room, (god I hate basements!) Looking for something clean to wear, deciding on a pair of blue jeans and a plain black sweater I get dressed brush my hair and teeth and then grab my shoes. (Last time he was here and I left them down stairs Richard hit me when I got home.)

So I have to make sure im ready by the time Landen get's here so I don't have to run down stairs. Sitting in the living room with my shoes on I wait till I hear a car pull up in the driveway, knowing it's not Richard I rush to the door. Swinging it open to wave to Landen. Turning around I see my aunt in the kitchen. " Mr. Adele's here so I'll be home later." I here a 'whatever.' From her as I close the door.

" Sven you seem happier today." Landen says to me with a smile, I shrug and walk down the driveway. " Got a lot planned today hope your not tired."

" Nope, I went to bed after I got home from the dance." I said as I slipped into my seat.

" A dance huh, did you have fun?" I nod and he get's back in the car. " Did you have a date?"

" No but I danced with my friend Miach." I smiled. " I guess he was my date since he bought my ticket." Talking with Landen is always pretty easy unless he show's up like he did last time.

" That was nice of him, what'd your aunt think of you going to the dance." I shrugged. " She wasn't going to let me go, then I told her I won a ticket."

" Why'd you lie to her?" He asked looking at me as we drove to were ever we were going. " Because she doesn't like Miach, even though she'd never met him."

" I see and why do you think that is?" Landen asked me in his social worker voice.

" Because if I make friends it'll be harder to get rid of me." And I ment that I new she wanted me gone, no one really wanted me.

" Don't say that Sven." Landen said with a frown but he knew it was true, just like I did.

" It's true and you know it. Why do you think she called you last time?" I asked glaring out the window. " She doesn't want me there, and I don't want to be there."

I heard him sigh as we pulled into a parking lot. " Sven, you have to stay there you know that, unless you want to be jumped from home to home." Yea because no body wanted teenagers, they wanted babies and little kids. " It doesn't mean I have to like, god a sleep in the basement."

Frowning Landen shook his head. " If you really don't want to be there I'll see what I can do okay? It might take a while so hang in there." I just nodded and got out of the car. " I just to be some where, were they want me." I said under my breath but I think he heard me cause the next thing I know; he's giving me a hug.

" Don't think like that Sven they want you." I shook my head and started walking to the restaurant. " No they don't, Richard hit's me, Alise forget's to pick me up at school so I have to walk." Yea so this wasn't going well. " Look for get, can we eat? Im hungry."

With a nod he lead me into the restaurant. We didn't say much after that. The rest of the day went by slowly and I could help but think there's something wrong with me all over again I mean no one want's me.

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