Mr. Adele part 2

We ate in silence not for the first time either, my visit's with Sven to have grown tense, I'm not sure what to do anymore, he's always so happy and since I was put on his case two years ago I've watched a happy teen fall into depression. He looks at you and you can see the pain he try's so hard to cover up.

Sick of the silence I think back to our earlier conversation. " Sven tell me about this dance." I say smiling at him, he's not sixteen and more, and even though he's still short he's turned out to be a looker. I watch as he plays with a piece of French fry, smiling he looks up. " It was so fun, Miach and I danced and danced im glad I went with him for my first dance." I tried to keep the frown from my face Miach? Who was this guy? He'd better not hurt Sven.

I smiled at the look on his face he was smiling actually smiling and suddenly I realized I wanted to be the one that put a smile like that on his face. " Tell me about it, I haven't been to a dance since I was in high school." I said watching him chuckle. " It was great, though im not very good at dancing I even stepped on Miach's feet." He grinned wider and distracted myself with drowning a fry in gravy

" He was so nice, drove me home after too… Landon?" I looked up at Sven's questioning look. " Yea?" He frowned and looked at the table. " I…you've kissed someone before right?" He asked me still focused on the table; I smiled a little watching him start to blush. " Yes, I have why?"

" Well…is…it supposed to feel weird the first time?" he looked so embarrassed I sat forward. " Weird how Sven?" I couldn't help but slip back into my social worker mode; I mean it was Sven's welfare we were talking about. " Well, I don't know it just didn't feel right, not like wrong but not right…" I frowned. " Did you give the person permission to kiss you?" he nodded and breathed a sigh of relief I wouldn't have to hunt down this guy and beat him up.

" Well maybe he isn't the one you want to be kissing? He's the first person to try and be your friend right?" I knew from past talks how a lot of the people treated Sven, it was sad. I wanted to protect him but I couldn't be there all the time even if I wanted to be.

" Do you think that's it? Will the feeling go away later?" He seemed to like my answer but Sven was good at hiding things. " Probably not Sven, if it doesn't feel right he's not the one you should be kissing."

" Then who should I be kissing?" I wanted to say me, but I couldn't so I shrugged and picked at my lunch. " You'll find someone, Sven don't rush it. Besides you don't need to fall for the first person who looks your way, or show's you attention. Promise me that you'll wait till you feel it's right, not when someone tells you it is."

" I promise." He smiled and we went silent going back to are lunches.