A long time ago a girl swore herself off to everyone. Not many people understood her, and it was fine with her; as long as they left her alone. She went through many hardships and somehow made it through. Singled out for always being different, for being fat, her childhood development was broken and she never knew what friendship or love was. She was beaten with chairs and called atrocious names until one day she closed the curtain completely, sheltering herself from everyone and everything.

One day she thought she had finally found someone that was like her; someone who had closed the door because of abuse and because of being different, but she didn't know how wrong she was. She opened herself completely to this person and shared so much with her that the girl could have sworn she had made this new person an extension of herself. The girl finally thought she had someone to care for, someone to open up to, but one day the person betrayed the trust. They tried to take the small amount of people the girl had gotten to be friendly with away from her. They betrayed her and left her out in the dark when it was her best friend's birthday. It was a day to remember for all of the wrong reasons.

Around the same time, the girl was becoming friendly with a boy whom she shared much in common with. They didn't live that far apart and made each other laugh. It's so easy to see why this girl fell in love with him. One day this would all change too. The girl sat by the computer typing to the guy, and a situation would arise in which the girl thought the boy would confess his crush to her, and she hoped that it was she. However, once again she was wrong. The boy told the girl that he was gay; that he would never love her. The girl cried the entire night, being in an unfamiliar place with unfriendly people and her parents so far away. The next night the girl started cutting herself. It was always said it was stupid to cry over a boy, but everything in her life was going downhill and she didn't know what else to do to heal the pain. Soon she would get addicted to it and never be the same again.

Hopefully by now you realize that this is my story and that there is so much that is left out. I do not mean this to be a pity-party; I only hope that one day someone will understand. Hopefully someone will understand because life is so much more beautiful than this to be wasted on little teardrops of blood.

The girl finally found something to hold onto. She had found a guy who felt the same as she did. He treated her to all the movies and held her hand when they walked together. He would walk her to all of her classes and just wanted to be with her because of her personality. He was everything she was looking for.

I am finally happy. After so much in so little time I finally found something to look forward to. I look forward to every day because of my boyfriend Randall. He's the sweetest person I've ever met and has never tried to cut someone down with harsh remarks like every other person I know. Randall….I love you.