Summer's PoV

My name is Summer and for the last two years I have had the same dream.

Hello, I'm just an ordinary teenage girl and have had these reoccurring dreams since I was fifteen. They always start the same way and follow a similar theme but have slightly different details. He is always in them and now I can barely look him in the eye when I see him at school. It doesn't matter he barely knows me any more. I welcome sleep every night because I know that it is the only time I can be with him. I have become so obsessed by him and so utterly consumed by my dreams that I have drifted apart from all my friends and we are no longer particularly close.

Pete's PoV

I have just woken up from another one of those dreams. Practically every night I get these sexy dreams about a girl in my Chemistry class. At school she is fairly shy and although she hangs around with a group of friends who she doesn't really seem to know but in my dreams she turns into some sort of erotic goddess. I'm on the rugby team and I guess I'm what you would call popular. Summer, the girl from my dreams, doesn't really hang out with my friends and probably has never said a word to me in my life so I don't get why my dreams are always about her. Sure anyone can see that she's gorgeous but no one really approaches her, she seems too shy and vulnerable. Not so many guys at our school go for innocent, virginal type; most of them are trying to get into the pants of girls like Lucy Drawler, Esther Somerton, Rachel Valley and Serena Parkland. I can't honestly think why anybody would choose any of those girls over anyone, least of all Summer Laurence. Lucy, Esther, Rachel and Serena are all on the netball team and wear the shortest skirts, tightest tops and most makeup. They all look and smell fake. All of my friends on the team are going out with them or have been at some point; mind you they all support the Newcastle Falcons so we have to be slightly sceptical about their sanity. I'm ashamed to admit that I have also dated Esther and Serena, they are the better two as they just follow whatever Lucy and Rachel say and on their own probably aren't so malicious. Esther was surprisingly sweet while we went out aside from the fact I knew she used to tell Lucy and Rachel everything about our relationship. I'm through with fake girls and know I just want to concentrate on passing all my exams and figuring out what is causing these dreams.

Summer's PoV

I saw him today in Chemistry class and he looked directly at me and I know that I turned bright red. He started walking over towards me and I looked down at my shoes, not trusting myself but he never came anywhere near me. I looked up to see him talking to Becky Peters, a bimbo from the netball squad, who was giggling at what he was saying. I sighed knowing that if he had come near me I would have started stuttering the nervous wreck I always seem to become around him. I have just realised, he probably doesn't even know my name, we have only ever talked once and that was when I was standing in the queue next to him in the cafeteria and he asked me to pass him a sandwich from the counter. Wow, it is so sad that I remember that. At lunch today I sat with Lynn, Harry, Charles, Dora and Patrick as usual and as usual they talked at one end of the table while I sat a few chairs apart from them lost in thought, I couldn't get my mind of last nights dream, it had been a particularly vivid one and just thinking about it made me blush.

Peter's PoV

Those stupid netball squad girls are so irritating, in Chemistry I was going to finally talk to Summer but brainless Becky got in the way and started talking about some party she was having in a few weeks time and how she wanted me to come. I agreed to shut her up but by the time I had gotten rid of her Mr. Crenshaw, our teacher, had walked in and begun the lesson. At lunch I noticed that she was by herself on the end of her friends table looking slightly flushed, I wasn't really in a talking mood and just sat there agreeing and nodding to whatever my friends said and laughed when they did. My mind was on last nights dream and all the things we had done, I think I would miss my dreams if they stopped because I know that the only place I can ever have her is in them. The entire Netball Squad pounced on me and a couple of guys from the team after we had eaten and was sitting outside. Led by lethal Lucy, rotten Rachel, emaciated Esther and stuck-up Serena they were flanked by brainless Becky, mean Melissa Stevens and horrid Holly Reid. Matt and Ryan were dating Rachel and Melissa while Sam and Will were dating Holly and Esther. Serena's boyfriend, Chris, left to go to the toilet and while all the girls sat with their boyfriends Becky and Lucy sat next to me and Mike. Mike has a girlfriend called Chloe at a different school but that didn't stop Becky trying (trying being the operative word here) to flirt with him, I have met Chloe and she is far hotter than Becky can ever hope to be. Lucy draped herself over me and I felt quite awkward not really knowing what to do, she had recently broken up with Ryan who had calmly moved onto Melissa but to me something didn't feel right. It could possibly have been the fact that I seem to be the only guy who seems to notice exactly how horrible these plastic bitches could be. I only knew because of my younger sister, a shy girl in the year below, was bullied by them for a while until they found out she was my sister and then they backed off. Karen, my sister, knew that the only reason that they occasionally pretended to be nice or ignored her instead of teasing her was because they didn't want to piss me off and so she told me exactly how mean they could be and how they were cruel to anyone that they thought threaten them or if they were just bored and felt like sharpening their claws. For some reason Lucy doesn't seem to realise that my name is Peter and not Petie or Pete or even Pee-tah, my mum used to call me Pete but no one lese has ever called me that. Hold on, someone else has called me that, last night I could swear that Summer screamed Pete.

Summer's PoV

After school I came home and for some reason felt really tense so I got out Frank, my flute, and began to play a Bach sonata to calm down. After I had played for a while, eaten dinner and done my homework I felt tired and decided to have an early night and go to bed. Plus I knew that the quicker I fell asleep, the quicker my dreams would come.