Je t'aime

I Love You

What is love? And how do you define it? For me, love is not its own emotion, just as it cannot be defined the same way twice. The love I have for each of my friends is unique. I can see how you may be confused when I say that I love you, so I feel that I must explain. My love for you is this:

I trust you. I admire you. I am prepared to follow you to my death if need be. My love for you is an intense loyalty, mixed with care and concern for you well-being. My love for you is a desire to return what you have given to me. My love for you is unconditional: I will stand by you – always. My love for you is a wish, or a dream … For you to be happy. My love for you is a whisper in your ear, reminding you of my presence. My love for you is patient: I am content waiting here for you. But, most of all, my love is constantly shifting. As the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, my love for you will change. Perhaps, into something more beautiful.

This is what I try to tell you, each time I say that I love you. This is what is contained inside of those three words.

Now … What kind of love do you hold for me? Can you tell me? I know it's there.

Je t'aime –