Don't look at me you little wench,
With your broken back and coarse breath,
Those black dresses are insulting,
Change it to blackberry red.

I am your Prince from Hell's mouth,
Now, instead, I stalk Iran,
Laughing as I steal another child,
While mothers are shot onto my earthen grave

Yes, bleed sweet mother, onto my Mother,
She's been dying for a long time now,
Hurt from all of the nits that live in her green hair,
And screams as you dig into her head

How ironic that you call for my God,
The Father, who spawned me into existence,
As you create your own filth and troubles,
You call for the Creator at the end of your Destruction

So let it be, and let the Long Sleep come,
Death is merciful as he stares at you pitiful humans,
He has more patience than I will ever have,
Yet I wait here, waiting for the bleak Armageddon

I heard you threaten the weak with Charity,
Promise them with sacks of grain,
Precious silken water that will permeate their lands
Dreams are dangerous, at least I keep promises

-He turns over the world and looks to the West
- A map marked stained with an inbred yellow,
- The Lord Demon smiles his sharp grin,
- He knows, he knows, he knows Their end

Oh how I love the Americans
With their sense of duty,
Aiding countries past their date,
That should've fallen into my lap instead

There's no need to leave my festering throne,
In fact, I should hand it to the Men,
The first ones who were so bold,
To drop their wits down the plug hole

Maybe I am cunning and subtle with death,
As I wrap these diseased flailed arms,
Round your fragile plastic body,
Yet it is the Fool who plays with these Guns
That begs to win

A.N: I know the message is a little confusing, but I've tried adding a few stanzas to help out the storyline a bit. Hope that makes a difference. I just wanted to get across how mad he is in sense of personality.
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