Bonnie and Clyde

Husky in my ears
Your breath tickles me
And as I stare into your eyes
I find insanity

You laugh
In the face of my fears

Pulling my hand
Along when you jump
Head into fires

You're never afraid
And a thrill possesses you

There's a glint in your eye

As you pull me closer
Your madness captures me

And inside your reality
I find my fantasy

The way which your hands
Trace circles on my arms

The risks, the sweet torment
You're never too much for me

And when you grip me
Like you can't let go

Something passionate in me

Then with no one to stop us
We can live forever...




(A/N: Eek i have no idea what possessed me to write that...I originally posted this up on my other penname lost-in-rhapsody but I was getting tired of switching between the two, so I just took it down from there, and put it up here...please don't forget to leave a review! I like encouragement too :))