Another piece of English coursework, I hope you like it. I know that it is slightly odd but I liked it like that.

The Man Who Loved Too Much

An echo. I have been reduced to nothing more than a shadow of the man I used to be. I can't believe I have got myself so far into this mess, I'm normally so calm and in control. Everything's spinning. Every time I see her, I get this sudden head rush and an urge to laugh. You know that intense feeling of love you can have, a possessive and maddening love that leaves you breathless? She makes me want to scream but at the same time hold her tightly, jealously and possessively, shielding her from the corrupt world. She is my world. She is the first thought on my brain when I wake up every morning, and her face is the sweetest thing I have ever known. More perfect than any other, she soothes me when I'm frustrated and helps me forget about everything when my world crashes down around me.

She's all I want. Sometimes she leaves me and it almost kills me. I feel sick just thinking about it, but I know that once glance from her and all my worries vanish. She's so much more to me than just an escape route from the world; she's a friend and a confidante. I often think that she's the only one who really understands me. She's all I have. Don't think that our relationship has always been smooth, we have had our rocky patches like all couples; money is often a strain. I dote on her and I always find myself buying more. I miss her whenever I'm not with her; I crave her touch and find myself imagining her scent. Feel me. I fantasize running my hands over her body, she loves to spread herself all over me and she knows every part of me intimately. Hold me. Her warm, steady embrace is reassuring and is the only love I know; her kisses are like liquid fire, drugging and exciting as they dance in my very veins. She whispers in my ear, her voice is husky and sensual, much better from the high pitched whiny screech she uses when I disagree with her.

Need me. I know that she isn't good for me, my friends tell me as much with their disapproving looks, but over time I have become dependant on her. I have a few friends that have known her for years and introduced us; she was exciting and wild, everything that I craved, she freed me from the mundane rut that my life had become me. Heal me. Our first time was amazing and she literally rocked my world, all my previous experiences with others seemed pathetic. She seemed to be made for me and with her I came alive.

Tease me. We like to play games; she likes it when I steal things for her and I have stolen all sorts for her: phones, televisions, cash and once even a car. I always do what she wants, because if I don't she may leave and never come back, if I do I know she'll reward me later. Please me. She knows exactly what I want, she can read my mind and often it feels like she is a part of me. I know that I would do anything for her, I am totally obsessed by her, and she's intoxicating. Satisfy me. Her soft white body feels like heaven and she drives me to a screaming climax as she ravishes my needy soul. She fills the void in my life and leaves me yearning for a release.

Hurt me. The presence and tension I feel when she is in the room cracks like a whip, and when I can't find her I feel so low, bruised and broken, as if I am slowly dying. Can you tell that I am losing myself in her? Save me. I have been gone for a long time. I never thought I would leave my life behind. She's told my friends to forget me and I don't even know myself anymore. I need someone to remind me of my name. Change me. If I could live my life differently, I wouldn't expect anything less. I'm looking for a saviour but she's the only one I can see. I think I'm taking this trip alone. Help me. She's always around me. Now I have got in too deep, she will never change her ways. She uses my body for her own needs, and I need to get out. I'm trying to save myself from her. Forgive me. I always return to her, like a moth to the flame, and I can never forgive myself for it. Whenever she is around she makes me regret my harsh words.

Falling fast. I can't believe how much I love her after all she has put me through. What do you expect from me? Leave me. I can't let go, I'm not ready to turn my back on her yet. Is it time for me to go? Let go. I know she can get me through my doubts, and we will get through this. She is everything I wanted but I can't end what I began. Complete me. To this day I have never found anyone who can make me feel the way she does. The world will never look the same to me without her. My love. Only she can show me the way, I have to have her. Another night alone and her smile is just for show. There's no room left in my life – she has damaged and tainted everything for me. Lead me on. I'm losing a part of my self and I just can't let go. Memories fade away but she is constant. Use me. The heady feeling of desire is coming over me again, and I know I need to find her quickly. Another darkened alleyway will allow me to fulfil my desire.

Fool me. My love is suffocating me. Not her weight but her impact is slowly crushing me. She is so breathtakingly beautiful it makes me want to cry. Bury me. Once again, you have to applaud her manipulative skills. How can I stop? You drove me to it, my precious Charlie.