on nights such as this:
on plants and dirt, not towns, lying on the ground, and a reference to it not being "a night on the town"
my most common thoughts,
among starlit grass and wistful hints of past: memories of
a liquid trail of salt down that haunting skin, a girl crying
consist of nothing but a litany of wishful thinkin':

hoping stars align and not all words want truth hoping fate can be kind (stars align fate) and not every word is a lie
and that, with looks such as yours, lips up - as plants to light - the corners of "your" lips are turned up, like a smile. and plants turn upward toward light, so yeah
an oath must, out of duty to truth, affirm through action; promises must be kept
so those two lines mean: i hope that it's not possible for a person to look like you do right now and be lying

an affirmation on your lips too soon, "to put down any doubt of truth" false assurances come too quick - defensive
(and thusly bringing as many as might, without words, find mort) which only increases doubts which would otherwise die (mort death)

but unsung, hanging in mind and not air, diffusing through brain and not rooms, unsung is unspoken in this case; words sometimes seem to hang in air, it was an attempt at visual analogy; air molecules diffuse through a room, thoughts spread in the brain
stopping only at id's last wall - just short of cognizant thought, the id is the part of the brain thought to contain instinct and animal drives - lust, fear, etc.
found only as instinct, gut's signal of wrongdoing the dread you feel in the pit of your stomach when you know you're doing something you shouldn't be, or that something really bad is about to happen

but grass and moon and light and company mix not oft rarely are conditions right (company is like the friends w/ you)
to construct a backdrop for thoughts, for this kind of thinking
so optimism holds a coup, banishing thoughts of us two to islands far away which gulp rain from clouds full with blood-dark misgivings: a coup is a revolt
shards of thoughts from days black as night, again, visual imagery - days darkened by sadness in retrospect ie the thoughts being black, but the day not necessarily; or from another perspective, a day darkened by sadness period.
and masks, with dawn, don shadows to form familiar formations of truth and a lack masks put on shadows, which means that people are nothing but shadows and masks, the masks being the main determiners of action
of which is wont to win out a lack of truth, or lies, usually wins out over truth in the formation of the mask and shadow ie people tend not to display their true selves

long walks back to doors with locks back to the physical scene of the poem, heading home, with the connotation that you're not welcome in your house
and windows, blinds; windows a way in, but blinds prevent you from seeing
blinding truants from wrath forthcoming - a rich crop from rich sowing your parents standing in the room. a rich crop from rich sowing means lots of anger reaped from defiance and rebellion sown
and stopping for nothing is this cyclic action, by instinct, not thought neverending cycle, done almost just because ie there doesn't even have to be a reason
not quick, but hard fought, and sick kicks from sick licks corrupt sick kids lots of fighting, drawn out, between you and your rents; the whole sick kicks from sick licks thing was a play on the sounds of "cyclic". however, it's a reference to people who get kicks from "sick licks" and who corrupt kids already viewed as sick by society when they aren't necessarily until being corrupted
as blood runs thick (but not thick as acid, hydroxic, and no, it's not toxic) trying to use visual imagery to make the reader think of an increased heartbeat - adrenaline/anger/etc. though it sounds more like bleeding on a floor or something, which could be a tie - in to the end of the previous line. the parentheses tie the blood in to the saying "blood is thicker than water", with hydroxic acid, which means water, and is therefore not toxic, being in reality thicker than blood. in other words, friendships tend to be stronger than family bonds

but i am. (toxic)

...and the weird thing is: NO E'S! ::le gasp::