I created someone new

Just for laughs

To see if I could pull it off

But you believe it to be true

And I can't stop

Can't stop faking.

Can't stop pretending

to be someone I'm


Someone I'll never be

You want to see my face

But I can't show you

You'll want to meet

But I'll never be there

I'm not real

I'm not even a ghost

I'm a lie

But you've built a connection

A connection to a lie

Befriended a total story

When will you find out

Find out it was me all along

Find out I've been using you

For an experiment

Gone horribly wrong

If I said I was sorry

Would you laugh it off

Or would you walk away

If I said I was sorry

Would you still want him back

I prayed you didn't fall in love

Not with the fake

Not with him

Because how would you react

If you discovered

You'd fallen in love with…