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"Hey, Alex, heard about your performance yesterday. Congratulations," Mr. Alvarez, the swimming coach greeted me.

"Thanks, sir. Good luck to you guys too," I replied.

"Keep it up." Coach Alvarez said as he patted my sore right shoulder. I cringed. I beganto feelthose 46 games again. Sir Alvarez began to cool down his swimmers by having them jog around the pool. I discarded my duffel bag and joined thecooling down routine of theswim team. The swimmers didn't mind. I was here everyday after my own table tennis training in the second floor to walk home with Lee. I was practically familia, they say. I even get to use their showers.

"Guess what happened today, Lex?" Lee said as I jogged beside her.

"Uh, you actually studied for the history exam?"

"Like that would ever happen, besides this is way better," She paused dramatically. "Your male counterpart is my rally partner. Ah!" Lee squealed.

"I should've known. How could I think that a majorexam was better than your beloved?"

"C'mon, have you ever seen me this excited?" She squealed again.

"All honesty, yeah, especially if he's in your range of vision"

"I can't believe it! After all these years, I'm finally getting close to him," Lee said ignoring my reply. "Those tan arms, broad shoulders, great laugh, that killer smile, and he has that great dive and when he's in the water, damn is he a god! Take a look at those abs."

"It's ahuman being, Lee, a tuned-up human being, but it's not like we haven't seen one before."

"Easy for you to say, Lex. You and Alex are friends. Besides, I'm just waiting for you to fall for someone, like I did Alex."

"Yeah, like I'd actually rant about something like that."

"Don't you even remotely like anyone?"

"My heart already belongs to someone."

"Oh yeah? Tell me who."

"You really want to know? It belongs to Alex. Who the hell else?"

"Ha, ha, ha. Yeah whatever, you'll have to give your heart to someone eventually, Lex."

"Nope. I prefer where it is now."

"You should know. After five years, this hell isn't a crush I have on Alex anymore."

"How can I forget? You remind me everyday." We started stretching. A shadow cast over me and Lee.

"Hey, girl-Alex, congratulations, Iwent to one of your games yesterday, you were great."

"You went to one of my games, guy-Alex? Thanks, good luck on your swim on Wednesday. Make sure you win so we can all take the same bus to the nationals next week."

"I will. I got Lee on my side. We're gonna go get 'em," he said, heading off to shower.

"Oh, my God! Did I hear that right?" Lee asked as she grabbed my arm, "I got Lee on my side, I got Lee on my side, I got Lee on my side. Alex said, I got Lee on my side!"

"Yeah, I'm not deaf Lee, and blood isn't reaching my fingers anymore, let go."

"Sorry, Lex. I can't believe Alex just said that," Lee said and released my arm, "Hey, add that to the list of nice stuff he's said to me."

"Adding to Lee's Rant Archives. Do you want that before or after the 'Nice one! You're pretty good' whenyou won last year?" I grabbed my bag and started for the female showers.

"Alex, look at him," She said catching up with me, "I mean, you can't help but fall in love with him."

"Yeah, Lee, I know."

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