enter in

your tongue darts

the Carnal Sin

pleasure hand

Knees weak

all my other senses sleep

Body ache

pressure lips

singular and of one mind

arched back

grind hips

keep on going till we hit

Fingers rub

eyes glaze

body press punch-drunk haze

Only one time

you made me scream

High-pitched whine

on my knees

Hold my head

while I taste yours

each the other

tries to please

Emotions gone

Only a game

Go back to school

Another day

Begin again

but start anew

Once again,

thoughts turn to you

Similar, and so alike

nearlness is a silent strike

So here's to you


in this lustful

yearning frenzy

these words hear

don't dare feel envy

With you entwined

I closer feel

Than e'er before

And these words hear

Yet mixed with fear

This sentiment

That overtakes

Seems hellish yet

Another swivel's your intent

But here's one thing

You must always remember

No one ever stands aloof

Empty and broken

we inside feel

The anger and pain

Together reel

Climactic point

we see each other

eyes meet

our divorce

is complete