He's My Rainstorm

He walked into,

My life so suddenly,

Like a rainstorm,

Passing through.

His eyes a dark gray,

Like the color of the clouds,

Darkening the sky,

Which was once so blue.

He smiled at me,

That lopsided smiled,

His hair,

Flying in the breeze,

He made me feel,

Like I could make as many


And he would never,

Stop loving me.

He wrote me a song,

Singing to me,

How my eyes were like,

Hot chocolate,

How my hair was like,

Black velvet,

Sappy I know,

But I loved it.

He held my hand,

As we lied down,

On the soft grass.

He held me tight,

During a rainstorm,

As we waited,

For it to pass.

And when he told me,

How much he loved me,

I couldn't help,

But smile,

I was just so,

Overcome with happiness,

That he felt the same way,

All this while.

But just like a rainstorm,

Which sweeps into the sky,

He left as quickly,

As it would.

I knew that,

He loved me.

But to say goodbye,

He never could.

Now when the sky darkens,

And rain starts to fall,

I just think of his lopsided smile,

And the rain doesn't seem,

So bad at all.