A/N One shot about two best friends… I'll let you read on to figure out the rest.

The Party

"Mommy, when's Taylor coming?" I asked, sitting on her lap. "Ouch!" I cried as she pulled the brush through my tangled hair.

"He'll be here in a little bit. You and Taylor are going to stay home with daddy while I go out with his Mommy." She explained. I was three and my mommy and daddy were my heroes. Taylor was my best friend. His mommy and daddy moved next door when he was in his mommy's tummy. I was only a baby. She brushed my hair into a ponytail and the doorbell rang.

"Taylor!" I shouted as I jumped off mommy's lap and ran to the door. "Hi Taylor!" I shouted. Taylor grinned and ran into my house. "Hi Taylor's mommy." I said quietly.

"Hi Eliza." She said, laughing. "Is your mommy ready?" She asked. I nodded my head and turned back into my house, leaving the door wide open.

"Daddy, can we watch a movie?" I called up the stairs.

"Just a second sweetheart, daddy's busy." He yelled back.

"Okay!" I yelled. "Bye mommy, bye Taylor's mommy." I yelled into the entryway.

"Bye mommy!" Taylor yelled. I turned and jumped onto the couch, Taylor following close behind. We were attempting to count how many times we could jump without falling down when daddy came down stairs.

"Eliza, what have I told you about jumping on the couch?" He said angrily. I sat down and hung my head.

"I sorry daddy. I won't do it again." I said quickly. Taylor sat beside me and nodded in agreement.

"Thank you." He said, turning to the TV. He picked a movie and held it up for us to see. Both Taylor and I nodded excitedly so daddy put the movie on. We had watched this movie a million times but we still wanted to watch it again.

I sat up in my bed and wiped tears from my eyes. I reached over and turned on my light, cringing at the brightness. I picked up my journal from my bedside table, opened it to a fresh page and started to write.

"I started to have that dream again. The one about Taylor coming over. I wish it would go away. I don't want to relive this over and over again. I want to forget. I don't want to remember that I was wearing a pink dress and Taylor was wearing his first pair of jeans. I don't want to remember our mother's were going to see a movie together. I don't want to be able to remember exactly which movie it was. I don't want to be able to remember every word my father said on the phone that day. I don't want to remember." I wrote.

I replaced the journal and sat still for a little longer. I was afraid to go back to sleep, I knew the dream would continue exactly where it left off. I looked at the clock. One o'clock at night, I had school in the morning, I needed to go back to sleep. Reluctantly I shut the light back off and got settled under my covers again. My eyes closed and I drifted back into sleep.

The movie had ended and Taylor and I were playing with my toys in my room.

"Daddy, when's mommy going to be home?" I asked.

"She won't be too long." He called from his room. I decided I was satisfied with his answer and went back to playing with Taylor.

"Where's your daddy?" I asked.

"He had to work today." Taylor said sadly.

"But it's the weekend!" I said, "I thought mommy's and daddy's weren't supposed to work on the weekends."

"My daddy does." Taylor replied sadly. I bowed my head and tried to think of a way to cheer him up. I heard the phone ring and ran out of the room eagerly.

"Come on Taylor! Maybe it's our mommies!" I cried. Taylor smiled and followed me from the room. I sat on the floor behind daddy's chair and listened to him talk.

"Hello?… This is he… Oh my god… Are they okay?… I'll be there as soon as I can…Yes… I'll call him right away… Thank you… Bye." My daddy hung up the phone then picked it back up and dialed a number. "Hello, may I please speak to Alden?… Thank you… Hi Alden, it's George… The hospital just called me… They've been in an accident… They… no… I don't know anything… No… I'll bring the kids and come get you… ya… I'll be there right away… bye." When my daddy turned around his eyes were full of tears. "Let's go get your shoes on." He said quietly. Taylor and I stood up and followed daddy out of the room and to the front door. He put on my shoes and then put on Taylor's shoes. No one said anything for a long time.

"What's wrong daddy?" I whispered.

"Mommy's hurt." He replied. My eyes starting stinging from the tears that wanted to fall. I rubbed my eyes and tried to make them go away.

"Is my mommy okay?" Taylor asked frantically.

"I don't know bud." Daddy said. He tried to smile, I think to make us feel better, but it didn't work. Taylor started to cry too. Daddy held both of our hands and walked us out to his car. Taylor's mommy had put Taylor's car seat in our car in case daddy wanted to take us out. She usually did that. Daddy buckled Taylor into his seat and then buckled me into mine. He sat in the front and drove away from the house. I could hear him sniffing and trying not to cry. The car stopped a little bit later and Taylor's daddy got in beside my daddy. No one said anything in the car and after a long time it stopped again. My daddy opened my door and took me out of the car. He didn't put me down and let me walk, he carried me instead. Taylor's daddy did the same to Taylor. I rested my head on Daddy's shoulder and felt my cheeks get wet from crying. I had my arms around his neck and I didn't want to let go… ever.

We walked into a building and down a long hall until we came to a big room with lots of chair, lots of people, and a big desk. We walked up to the desk and my daddy talked to the man behind it.

"I received a phone call about two woman in a car crash." He said. He didn't sound happy, sad, angry, or anything. The man nodded and stood up.

"Follow me." He said. My daddy nodded and we walked down another hall with lots of beds and curtains everywhere. There were people hurrying about. Some were yelling, some were writing, and some were talking to people in beds. The man stopped in front of a door and my daddy looked in. I raised my head and looked in as well. I saw my mommy lying on a bed surrounded by people and big machines. The man walked to another door and Taylor and his daddy followed. I thought that must be where his mommy was.

I sat up in my bed again and turned my light back on. I looked at my clock again, it was now two in the morning. I quietly stood up and dried my cheeks. I walked to my door and slipped out of my room. I tiptoed across the hall and knocked on the door in front of me. I heard a groan from inside and pushed the door open a crack.

"You awake?" I asked softly.

"Yes Eliza, I'm awake." He said, sitting up. "What's wrong?"

"That dream." I said sadly.

"Come here." He said. I walked over and sat on the bed beside him. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned my head on his shoulder and cried like I had so many times before. "How far did it go this time?" He asked, rubbing my back.

"We were in the hospital. It was right before…" I started to say. I was cut off by my own crying. I couldn't stop long enough to finish my sentence. I didn't need to though. He had been there, he had been by my side through it all.

"It's going to be okay Eliza." He whispered. I wanted to believe him, I really did. I couldn't stop crying. I fell asleep like that, crying on his shoulder. I had done it many times.

The next morning I woke up and noticed he was gone. He had shifted away from me and lay me on his bed then left. He was probably downstairs on the couch. I stood up and walked out of his room. When I went down the stairs I saw him sleeping on the couch. I looked at the clock and realized it was 9 in the morning. School started at 8.

"Taylor!" I yelled. "Taylor, school started an hour ago!" Taylor slowly opened his eyes and sat up on the couch. The blanket falling to reveal his bare chest.

"Relax Eliza. It's Saturday, and we're done school. Remember?" Taylor said quietly. I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked at the ground, studying the cold tile under my feet. "You sleep okay?" He asked from right in front of me. I hadn't noticed he had even stood up, let alone walked over to me.

"After I was in your room I didn't dream anymore." I whispered. He pulled me forwards into a hug. I rested my head on his chest and felt the tears start again.

He put one arm behind my legs and his other arm on my bag and carried me over to the couch. He sat my on the couch, turned on the TV to Saturday morning cartoons and walked out of the room. I stared at the TV in a daze. I had watched the same thing every Saturday morning since I was three. Now I was 19, graduated high school, living with my best friend, and still watching the same shows every Saturday morning. Taylor came back in a while later with two plates of food. I looked up when he walked into the room and took a plate from him.

"Thank you Taylor." I said looking at the plate. He had made eggs and toast, his specialty. I ate the food quickly and took my plate to the kitchen. Taylor was in the kitchen shortly after me and put his plate in the sink.

"I was thinking of taking you to a movie today." He said, leaning against the counter. I nodded my head slowly. "I have the day off and there's nothing better to do. What'd you wanna see?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Oh come on, I know you've been dying to see something. Which movie?" I looked at his eyes and once again became lost in the pool of bluish green. I thought about it and finally said a movie name. "Thank you Eliza." He said.

I smiled a little and headed back up stairs to change out of my pajamas. I was in my room changing when I heard Taylor go into his room.

"Hey Eliza, you wanna invite Travis?" Taylor called from his room. Referring to my boyfriend.

"No." I replied sternly.

"Uh oh… I sense some hostility. Mind explaining that to me?" He asked. By the volume of his voice I decided he must be standing right outside my door.

"Come in." I said. He opened my door and walked in, jumping onto my bed. "I just… I don't think I love him like I did. In fact, I don't think he loves me. I think it's over." I sighed heavily.

"Eliza, you always say that. You always think no one loves you. You always…" He stopped and shook his head. "Just because… it doesn't mean no one loves you." He said sincerely. I cringed at what he had been about to say. "He loved you Eliza, he did." He whispered. He seemed to be searching for a reaction from me. He seemed afraid I'd start crying again.

"I know. That why he did what he did. He's not why I can't find the right guy." I whispered.

"Then why? Why do you never seem to be able to find someone that's right for you? He's always either too tall, too short, too nice, not nice enough, or just not right." He sounded concerned.

"I don't know Taylor." I lied. I knew exactly why, I just didn't want to tell him why.

"Eliza… I've known you since we were babies… what aren't you telling me?" He asked, lifting my chin so I was looking straight at him. I had to think of an excuse and quick.

"Can we just go to this movie?" I asked.

"I'm not budging until you tell me." He replied, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Taylor please…" I begged. He shook his head and turned away from me.

"No. I won't even talk until you tell me." He said. He had resorted to his childish voice.

"Fine, be that way. I'm going for a walk." I said, sticking my tongue out at him and walking out of my room, leaving him there to pout or come after me. It was his decision.

I walked out the front door of our small house with no clue where I was going. I just stared at the ground and let my feet take me away. I needed fresh air, I needed to think and clear my mind. Heck… I needed junk food. I lifted my head and discovered I was about a street away from the convenience store. I chuckled softly and headed towards it, making sure I had some money on me. I hadn't bothered to check my purse as I left the house. By the time I had arrived at the store I had discovered a few dollars sitting at the bottom of my purse. I walked into the store and found my favourite chocolate bar, paid for it, then went and sat outside, leaning against a pillar. It was a rather warm day so I had decided to wear denim capris and a black tank top. I sat there basking in the sun, shielding my eyes with one hand, and eating my chocolate bar when I felt the breeze of someone sitting next to me.

"Ya know, if you want to run away from someone, you shouldn't be so predictable." I heard Taylor say. I ignored him and kept eating. "Eliza, I'm sorry. If you don't want to talk about it you don't have to. Do you still want to see that movie?"

"Why do you bother?" I asked. Taylor gave me a confused look for an instant then sighed and waited a bit before answering.

"Why do I bother? Because I… I'm your best friend, Eliza, that's what friends are for. To be there for each other. I worry about you sometimes. You seem to take everything so hard." He replied.

"Thank you." I whispered. I glanced at Taylor and he nodded then smiled.

"Well, there's no point in going back for the car, we're close enough to the theatre. Let's just walk the rest of the way." He said. He sounded much more cheerful now. He stood up and pulled me with him. We walked in silence, him in the lead, me following.

After the movie we walked out of the theatre and just stopped and stood outside for a little while.

"Now what?" Taylor asked. I shrugged my shoulders and looked around.

"Walk?" I asked. Taylor nodded and I took the lead in a random direction.

We were walking and talking for quite a while when my stomach growled.

"Wow… I'm hungry." I said, looking around. "Um, Taylor… where… are we?" I asked, surveying our surroundings and not recognizing anything.

"I don't know." Taylor replied.

"Big help you are. I think we may have gotten lost." I said slowly.

"I'm not lost." He said, smirking.

"Then where are we?" I asked, looking at him. I decided I didn't like the smirk on his face.

"I don't know, you're the one that's lost. Not me." He smiled.

"Very funny, Taylor!" I yelled.

"Okay, just relax. If we walk to the end of this street we can find a street sign and find out where we are." He said seriously. I nodded and quickened my pace. When we finally found a street sign I realized were actually fairly close to home and felt my cheeks turn red. "See, nothing to worry about." Taylor laughed, putting his arm around my shoulders. I stuck my tongue out at him and then broke away, taking off up the street. I quickly stole a glance at Taylor and saw him roll his eyes at me. I kept going though. I finally ran out of breath and when I did I was almost pushed over, caught in time luckily, by Taylor running into me. "Ha, got ya!" He called, starting to walk with me tucked under his arm. I started thrashing and hitting hid leg, trying to get him to let go.

"Put me down!" I screamed. I knew if I told him to let go he would do just that and I would land, rather painfully, on the hard ground.

"Nope. You ran away from me, I'm not letting you down until we get wherever we're going." He said.

"If you drop me…" I threatened, letting him fill in the rest.

"Do you trust me?" He asked. I nodded my head, only realizing after that unless he was looking down he couldn't have seen it. I knew he did see when he temporarily loosened his grip sending fear through my body. "So you don't then?" He asked, sounding almost sad.

"Yes I do, I just have a fear of FALLING on HARD pavement!" I shouted, thumping him in the leg with my fist once more. I heard him laughing and became angry. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." He replied, still laughing.

"Taylor!" I yelled, hitting him in the leg once again.

"Ow, stop that! You're going to bruise me!"

"Then tell me what you were laughing at!"

"You know I would never drop you on the ground, right?" He asked. He had stopped laughing… for now anyways.

"Don't change the subject, why were you laughing?" I growled.

"This is why. You don't seem to realize I would never drop you." He said, laughing again. I couldn't help but feel a bit like Princess Fiona. There was nothing I could do to get out of this situation.

"I won't run, I promise." I said hopefully.

"Uh uh… not falling for that one. I don't believe you." He said. I could almost imagine him shaking his head and smiling. I let my head fall in defeat and remained silent for the rest of the… walk…

"Here we are." He said finally, gently standing me back on the ground.

"No Taylor, I'm not letting you buy me lunch too." I warned.

"Just go in." He ordered, rolling his eyes again. He seemed so impatient I expected him to start tapping his foot any second. I turned and walked into the restaurant with my head hanging.

"Happy Birthday!" I heard from all around me. I looked up to see all my friends sitting around with birthday hats and everything. I also saw Travis standing there holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing a suit. I wanted to frown at the presence of Travis but the rest of my friends being there made it better. I smiled and waited for Taylor to come in before taking a seat. Travis sat on one side of me, and Taylor on the other. Shortly after we sat a waiter came in with a tray of plates. He placed a plate in front of me with the only meal I ever ordered here, the scrumptious veggie burger. A few more waiters and waitresses with trays came out and placed a plate in front of everyone. Everyone socialized and laughed as they ate their food. When all the food was done people started placing gifts in front of me. Everyone had something. I opened them all and read all the cards, thanking the appropriate person. When all that was done all the waiters and waitresses came out in a line singing "Happy Birthday". They presented me with a plate. On the plate was the most delicious looking lava cake I had ever seen in my life. I looked over at Taylor and noticed he was beaming.

"Oh my god Taylor, I love you!" I yelled, throwing my arms around him. He smiled and then I let go, turning my attention back to my cake. Pretty soon everyone around me had a cake sitting in front of them as well and we all ate them quickly.

"Thank you so much, everyone. This has to be one of the best birthdays ever." I said as people started getting up to leave. Taylor, Travis, and I were the last to leave and Travis led us to his car. We all got in and he drove us home.

"Can I talk to you, Eliza?" He asked as Taylor got out of the car.

"Um… sure…" I said quietly. Taylor shut his door and Travis drove away with me still in the car. He stopped at the park.

"Close your eyes." He said. I reluctantly complied and he led me with his hand on the small of my back. He eased me onto a bench and I felt him sit beside me. "Okay, you can open them now." He whispered in my ear. "We've been together for two years now and, although we've had our rough patches, we've pulled through okay. I love you Eliza." He said pausing long enough to take something from his pocket. I followed his hand and instantly became scared. I knew exactly what he was going to do and I had been dreading it. He opened the small box to reveal a ring. He got down on one knee on the ground in front of my and held the box to me. "Will you marry me, Eliza?" He asked. I had a thousand thoughts in my mind. I already knew I didn't love him but he was such a nice guy I didn't want to break his heart, not on my birthday, but I couldn't say yes knowing I wouldn't pull through. I looked down t the ring and felt tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

"I… um… Travis…" I started to say. He looked into my eyes and closed the box.

"Why?" He asked, sitting back on the bench, hands between his knees, gaze fixed on the ground.

"I mean, it's been great. It really has. I thought I loved you, Travis, but I don't know… I just… I don't. I don't feel anything when you kiss me, my heart doesn't skip a beat when I see you or talk to you." I choked, "I don't want to hurt you Travis. I don't… it's just… I…"

"Taylor…" He whispered. I could hear almost hear the tears in his voice and one look at him added to the affect. I could see wet spots forming on his lap and tears falling from his eyes. I shook my head and wiped my own tears.

"No…" I attempted to say but no sound escaped.

"I understand, Eliza, you don't have to explain." He said. He stood and walked away.

"Travis!" I called. He looked at me and stopped walking. I ran up to him and threw my arms around him.

"I'm sorry Travis. Really. You have to believe me, I didn't want to do this. I've been fighting it, trying to make myself see why I fell in love with you. I'm sorry Travis." I was mumbling into his chest. He kissed the top of my head then let go and walked away, leaving me to stand in the middle of the park, tears streaming down my face. I continued mumbling to myself about how sorry I was and I didn't want to do it. I knew he couldn't hear me but I continued anyways. I pulled my cell out of my purse and called Taylor.

"Can you come pick me up?" I croaked.

"What's wrong? What happened? Where are you?" Taylor asked in a flurry.

"I'm at the park. I'll tell you everything when you get here just… come get me." I was afraid he wouldn't be able to hear me I was so quiet. I heard the click of him hanging up and stood there, still as stone waiting for him. When his car pulled up I couldn't make myself move. I just stood there staring until he got out of the car and walked over to me.

"Eliza?" He asked, standing directly in front of me. I fell into him and cried into his chest. I didn't move anymore for a long time. Taylor patiently stood there with his arms around me as I cried.

"I said no. He proposed. I said no. I said I didn't love him. I don't, I don't love him. I love…" I stopped and squeezed my eyes shut.

"Who, who do you love, Eliza? If you don't love him, then… who?" Taylor asked, stroking my hair. I looked into his eyes and my tears stopped. He stared back down and nodded in understanding. "Come on, let's get you home." He said softly. He took my hand in his and walked toward his car. He opened the passenger side door and I climbed in. He closed it behind me and I leaned my head on the window. He got into his seat and drove away. By the time we arrived at home I was able to open the door myself and get out of the car myself. I walked up to the house and found the front door locked. I went to reach for my keys when Taylor came up behind me and opened the door for me. He walked behind me, his hand placed lightly on the small of my back. I walked up to my room and lay down on my bed. Taylor followed and sat next to me head. He gently lifted it and shuffled so my head was resting on his lap. I curled up and started to cry again as he gently stroked my hair.

The next thing I knew, it was a few hours later and I was just waking up from a sleep. Taylor was still sitting there, his hand resting on my shoulder. He wasn't sleeping and I didn't think he had slept at all.

"You okay?" He asked softly. I nodded my head best I could and turned so I could look up at him.

"Thanks Taylor." I smiled a little. Looking into his eyes really did seem to make everything go away. I sat up, with a bit of difficulty, and leaned on his shoulder instead.

"You know what I think?" He asked, looking straight ahead.

"What?" I still hadn't regained full use of my voice.

He turned his head to look at me best he could. "You're too young to be married anyways." I could see a small smile playing on his lips.

"Hey mister, I'm older than you." I scolded playfully.

"By a few months." He laughed.

"Whatever." I mumbled, burying my face in his neck.

"Eliza, I have always loved you. For a while I told myself it was brotherly love but… it's more than that. I've known you my whole life. I couldn't imagine being apart from you for very long." He whispered. I leaned my head back to look up at him and just as I did he leaned down and kissed me. It was just a quick, innocent kiss on the lips, but a kiss was a kiss, no matter how short or anything.

I buried my head in his neck to hide my smile. Taylor had been the one that was always there with a comforting hug or smile through everything. Through my mother's death, my father's suicide, and being told I would have to live far away with my aunt. I lasted a week there before I convinced her to let me live with Taylor's family. We were 8 at the time. Taylor's family, who had also always been there for me, as good friends of my parents, was ready to take me in a heartbeat. His parents were both still alive and well but they had decided to move somewhere warmer than middle-of-nowhere Canada and Taylor and I had decided to stay behind and live in their old home.