"Humans used to believe that they were alone in this world, that any other life was unfathomable. It seemed nothing but man was meant to roam their planet. So, naturally, they looked to the skies for their answers. But their skies had held nothing, nothing but dust. For thousands of years they had been alone on the earth, for thousands of years there was nothingness. When answers could not be easily found the coming generations began to forget their suspicions, they overlooked their beliefs, and began to forget even themselves. Faith and religion faded away, their so called gods, vanished. Beliefs and desires were ruined and all sense of honor was driven away. Men became greedy beyond anything they had once known, a hunger that drove them mad. Their greed quickly became hatred. Hatred for one another. Leaders of human colonies began struggling amongst one another. Not long after they had begun fighting until the first blood was spilled. Peace became obsolete… trust a mere whisper in the winds.'

'Their first war started when our benevolent master, Krobellus first ascended in to power, in the human year of 4056. They had taken their greed wars into the black, what they referred to as Space. Their earth was left vulnerable; mostly women and children left to fend for themselves. Both young and old had joined the battle. There was scarcely anyone left. Krobellus saw his opportunity; he had been observing these humans for many years. With their planet left to waste he made his first move.'

'The invasion had taken only one of their nights, one night and the remaining humans were under our control. Their warring nations had not even been aware; they were too preoccupied with their own insignificant war that they had no clue; we had crept in right underneath them. It took those in the black almost half a year to even acknowledge our unearthly presence. Krobellus had locked them out of their own world. They had not known what to do. For 270 years they have been afraid and we have kept them at bay. Those remaining have become our slaves; thanks to their own recklessness.'

'I am now the leader of this misuse of a world. My name is Kronos, and you all are now soldiers of the Black Guard. Our defenses have killed the humans for more than 20 years now. We have kept them in space when they have tried to reclaim what is theirs. Yet, after all those years, after all the wars, they have finally banded together as one, and as one they are going to die! With this new alliance the humans outnumber us three to one. But while their numbers overwhelm, their confidence in each other is scarce. They are still wary to attack without guarding their own backs. They are weak! I leave it up to you to make sure we keep what we have gained. I will be watching all of you in this war against the humans. Those who survive will be recognized. Those who die in battle will be remembered. And those of you who rip this human scourge from existence; Will Be Legends!'

'… I welcome you all to the annihilation of the Human race!"