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o/~ =thoughts or flashbacks

The Fire

o/~A dangerous element burned in her eyes as she hungered for the blood running through his veins. She could smell it, taste it. She brought her lips near his neck, her teeth glistening in the moonlight . . . o/~

A light snapped on and Ketsuniku's eyes flitted to the doorway. Inochi, her half sister, watched her fearfully.

"You were dreaming it again, weren't you!? I can see it in your eyes! You're scaring me, Ketsi. Who was it?" Inochi questioned.

Ketsuniku turned back to the window. "Hisai."

"Ketsi! He's your boyfriend!"

"I know. That's why I chose him," Ketsuniku answered.

"Ketsuniku, stop it! Why can't you just be normal!?" Inochi turned on her heels and stalked down the hall.

"Inochi . . . " Ketsi whispered into the darkness. "I'm scared too . . . But I can't help it . . . It burns to be released, Inochi. . . I hope you understand . . . " She stood up and turned her light back off.


Hisai smiled across the dining room table.

"Eight months, Ketsuniku. We've been together for eight months."

'Eight months,' she chanted in her mind. 'For eight months, I've resisted. Tonight I won't.' Ketsi smiled back. "I've long dreamt of this night, Hisai."

"So have I. Tonight will be beautiful, you and I, alone."

"Yes, alone." Ketsuniku licked her lips, as the candle light danced in her cold, ice, blue eyes.

Hisai took her hand and pulled it close.

"Come on," he whispered, excitement glinting in his eyes, "let's not wait any longer."

Ketsi nodded and stood up from the table. She followed Hisai through the hallways of his house and toward his room.

A single candle burnt in the corner. Ketsi smiled. One candle was good. She didn't want to see Hisai's face when she was done.

He lead her to the bed and sat on it, pulling her down next to him.

"I'm so glad you're here tonight, Ketsi. I need you," Hisai whispered between kisses.

'No, I need you, Hisai,' Ketsuniku thought as she drew nearer to his neck.

The candle light danced wildly around the room as the moon pour through the window, the two in effect casting abstract shadows.

Ketsi traced a finger up Hisai's back to his neck, where it paused.

Her ice blue eyes, always so cold and empty, flashed full of hunger, a desperate hunger. A hunger that would never be satisfied once acknowledged.

Hisai's pale grey eyes opened wide. "Ketsi . . . What-!?" he barely choked out.

The girl pulled away and stared into his eyes. "I'm hungry. You taste so sweet . . . " Her eyes gave no sign of remorse, and her lip curled up into a smirk, revealing one of her fangs. "My darling, you're mine, your flesh, your blood, mine." Ketsi pulled him close and bit again.

After a few minutes of struggling, Hisai's gray eyes grew hollow and they closed, his face pale.

"I'm sorry you had to die, Hisai. I'm sorry I can't make you like me," Ketsuniku apologized as she wiped her mouth. "But my mother wasn't like my father. And so I can't change you, only kill you . . . "

She gently laid his lax body on the bed, his head supported by a small pillow.

The candle light dimmed, as if knowing the somberness of the situation. The shadows danced slower and the moonlight seemed to disappear.

In the darkness, a single set of eyes gleamed, no longer burning with that desperate hunger. They glowed only with satisfaction.

"Look at you, so innocent. You never knew . . ." Ketsuniku looked over at the candle. "Mom said it I ever fed, I'd not be able to stop . . . I can't hurt another. You're my first, and my last, Hisai. Thank you . . ." she lashed out, and the curtain burned orange.

As the fire raged, Ketsi laid herself down near Hisai on the bed.

"Love me, as I loved you. Forgive me, my love. Sealed forever to you, I hope I can take better care of you next time . . . "

Hours later, the last flame was smothered. The firefighters packed up their trucks and drove away. The police inspected the remains of the house.

In the room where Hisai and Ketsuniku laid in death together, on the floor, laying on its side, the candle still burned. Its shadows echoed the experiences of the night, a night which no one, save Inochi, would ever truly know what had happened.

The flare of the candle slowly died, as Inochi's vision of what her sister had done, slowly faded. She looked around herself, remembering where she was. The church. It was Ketsi's funeral. As Inochi cried into her boyfriend's shoulder, her mother's words of the morning rang through her mind.

o/~"Inochi, I have to tell you something. You and Ketsi were not half-sisters as I told you . . . The man that was her father, he is also your father. I thought if I never told you, you wouldn't turn out like Ketsi did, but I can't keep it from you. It burns to be released, so now it is . . . "