By xInSaNexBlOoDyxPrInCeSs

If you do remember, could you please forget?

Because I'm trying to forget that we'd ever met

All you ever said to me was "no" and "why?"

Now I'm taking my turn and saying goodbye

If your heart still loves me, could you make it stop?

Because you've destroyed mine with just a little pop

I don't love you anymore, I don't care so much

Now I'm moving out of your tiny little hutch

If you don't know why I'm going, could you please think back?

Because to me, it's evident why I'm filling my pack

All you ever gave to me were taunts and lies

Now I'm going to find some other guys

If you can't forget me, could you please go away?

Because you can't make me love you, at least not today

I'm in love already, and I'm not leaving him

Now I'm going, just on an impulse, a whim

If you loved me back then, why'd you treat me so?

If you ever find a new girl, tell her something else than 'no'.

I suppose you've been good to me, I thank you for that

But I'm leaving you now, and I'm never coming back