You held her closer

I see you smile

She kisses you

And for the longest time

I watched the ground

I turned around

Ignoring you

ignoring her too

Your arms embrace her slowly

Your kisses aren't so bittersweet

(I know their not to her)

Her hand slides from your hair

to your shoulders to that space between your legs

(I guess I'm just jealous today)

I close my eyes and turn away

Fight back the tears

as my pain turns to gray

She whispers something in your ear

You kiss her lips and tug her hair

(I run away )

I ran far away

But why did I feel this way

(I guess I'm still in love with you)

And I hear you say

"Please come back"

"Don't run away"

You caught me in the middle of the storm

I dropped my keys and fumbled to open up the door

"What is your problem?" I cried

"It was my intension for you to get hurt" He sighed

…I didn't understand

I felt your embrace as I start to slide

The rain that I felt was only my cries

"I miss you" he said

"And I love you too"

You held me for the longest time

And gave me a kiss for every tear I cried

…And you stayed with me a while