There are no Tears large enough

There are no tears large enough
To show what worn grief I have.
There are no sobs loud enough
To show my deep despair.
There are no cries of anguish heavy enough
For my heart to express.

There is no solution good enough—
No solution to end my pain—none but one—
One quick to the end.

But I don't want a quick end—quick to the end.
I want my tears that aren't big enough, I want
My sobs that aren't loud enough, I want my cries
That aren't heavy enough to express.
Because when the time for solutions come—
And there is only one—
I'll take no solution.

I'll take my all my grief, all my despair,
All of my sore and torn heart to bear,

Because when there is more than one choice—
More than the only choice—I'll still be there.

Because there is no vessel great enough to hold
The great hope that I express.