Love. What is love anyway? An emotion that makes your heart flutter around a certain person? The meaning of life perhaps? Some believe all you ever need is love. Some think that love is what defines us as living beings. Some believe true love dosent exsist, its just a myth. Most would define it as an emotion...but I think it a force. The force, in fact, that keeps the world and its universe and all its wonders intact. Without it, I believe the forces of hatred and corruption would win. The world would be nothing but a vile filled place of darkness.

Love is like...stars, bright glimmers of light in the cold midnight sky. And I don't talk of simply romantic love...I talk of love in general: mother to child, lover to lover, brother to brother, and friend to friend. See, the world is that exact cold midnight sky - money and technonlogy and vanity and such have cause us, as a whole to spiral downward into what I can say is a terrible place. A world where outward looks is all that matters, people would murder for a few dollars, and emotions arent worth shit. But though the world is beyond hope, as though a crashing plane would be, the love that could have saved us all still penetrates the darkness like a bright star representing hope. There is good in every being I believe and all of us can produce a bit of love. Its not something worked for, it is only a connection of spirits and hearts joined together for all of eternity. It exsits in even the coldest heart.

I have been told Im one of those naive, hopeless romantic types. The kind that believes in true love for all of eternity is possible. And theyre right, I am. I believe that true love, ecspecially romantic love, exceeds the forces of time - making it the greatest force in the world. How beautiful is it, just to wake up in the arms of the one you love, knowing that person is your entire world-and that they feel the same way? That no one or nothing could tear you apart because no matter what, that person will never intent to harm you, that any mistake is an accidental mistake and that because of that reason, it can be easily fixed and mended, why? Because you love that person. Because love is patient, and selfless and the best part is that if you really love that person, that patience and tolerance comes naturally - no effort involved. And how beautiful is it, to know that all that will come from that other person too. Ive been once told, that you dont need money or food or shelter or any of that material stuff to be happy, you can have none of that, and still be happy all your life so long as you have the ability to get lost into your lovers eyes and see the mutual love glowing inside them. And never dying. I agree whole heartedly with that ideaology. And of the most splendid things to know about love, is that even after death, ater you die as an elderly being in your lovers arms, that love is still going to live on in the air that we breathe, in the heavens above, and in the stars too perhaps. Perhaps if you look hard enough at a starry night sky, perhaps the you can see the spirit of two deceased people in love, a kiss reflected in the light of the moon. Thats what I see sometimes. When in love, in real, true love I mean, I think you kind of become lost in a completely different world. Like many others, Im still looking for that world.

Where would we be without love? Dead, I think. How many people have died on the inside due to a dead love? How many people have suffered a loss of love, and because of it, have a part of them gone away...never to return. I think I know one or two. Love has been around since time began. And will out live time. So many lives have died on the inside, just cold to the world because their light had gone out. Some people would say that those people are ludacris...they should move on with life, but I dont blame them. Sometimes when youve lost your entire world - you just can't seem to find your way back to the ordinary, real world. And your just caught in between worlds. I think physical death would be better for these people.

Love is universal. It is felt by every being, every creature. Insects, animals, mammals, humans, mexicans, whites, blacks, asians-just everyone and everything. And as our plane of a world crashes, all we can really do now is wait. And while we wait, treasure the moments in which love can shine through - wether it be in the eyes of a mother as she holds her newborn for the first time, or simply in the face of your lover as you awaken in their arms in the bask of a new sunrise.