Suddenly I am awakened from my peaceful slumber
Though not entirely alert I wait for your next move
Gentle hands move over my body sending subtle hints
Soft lips caress the back of my neck
I writhe in pleasure from your touch
Instantly you're gone, leaving me to wonder
Slowly I open my eyes - study my surroundings
I'm in a room of complete white
I stretch lazily and slide out of bed
Pure white walls enclose the unalloyed bed
Ivory pillows over spotless, pure bed sheets
Pale carpet under a snowy ceiling
Frosted bedposts and an ashen quilt
Stepping towards the wall, a mirror appears
A beautiful woman appears with it
Soundless in her own elegance and shapeliness
Seductive eyes stare back as my eyes search her face
Her lustrous skin is hidden behind her snowy gown
Made of silk so fine even a queen was not worthy of it
The woman's luminous hair gleams from her silvery surroundings
Looking down I see that it is my own hair
This woman is no hallucination for she is I
Turning away the mirror vanishes and the woman with it
In front of me lays a hallway; a speck of red on the white
As I make my way closer I see it is a rose petal
A vermilion rose petal among ivory threads
Continuing down the hall the scarlet petals change
Soon they are not petals but tony drops of blood
Drops of crimson life painted onto the blank rug
Still following the carmine trail I turn a corner
A door lays before me open to the colorful world
My slender body spasms as I cry out and turn away
Enchanting eyes forever scarred, defiled
Hideous colors, blues, greens, yellows
Contrasting to the perfect whites and reds
I turn away from the open door
The pathway to "freedom" and normality
I am content to stay in my own realm of perfection
Where I am beautiful and truly free
You may visit from time to time, for I am lonely in my abode
My kingdom over which I am Queen and only citizen
Please feel free to drop in, just remember to shut the door.

A/N: I was trying to be very descriptive because this was about a very vivid dream... It may be overly descriptive, but I hope you like it :)