(they reversed my own prank on me)

It came on at exactly ten o' clock at night as they had said it would. He sat in front of the TV to watch it as he had said he would. Didn't he have to sign some contract in order for his face to show up on TV? He tried to be a good sport and watch himself being the center of the joke on the new MTV show, but this shit didn't feel good to the heart. He was the joker, the humiliator, the embarasser—not the embarassee, not the one being humiliated, not the one being the victim of a joke. Once the show was done for the night he'd be the laughing stock of West Palm Beach and all of the other beaches along the same coast. People would see him and ride him on about how his own friends set him up to appear on a comedic show. He hoped that it wouldn't receive any ratings and be cancelled soon after. How unreal that sounded—when his friends had let him know that he would be on a reality series on MTV three weeks ago, they laughed their asses off, so everyone who wasn't doing anything tonight would be watching The Joke's On You.


Melvin Lash came on the screen, doing some retarded dance and looking goofy and dumb. "This is my new show, and I got someone you're gonna laugh at for a long time," he said.

Laugh at for a long time.

(stop playing, stop bullshitting)

Melvin went on. "Here's this cat, Wade. His boys said he liked to play alotta pranks on people. So they got in contact with me and said they were sick of his pranks and that they wanted revenge. So just sit back, relax, and see how we got Wade."

(sick of them? I thought they enjoyed them)

Wade was sitting on his couch, watching himself on his own TV, seeing himself run from Seth's house in his flip-flops at an angle that show the right side of his body

(perhaps the camera had been in the MTV van that night)

Next, he saw himself knocking endlessly on Mikey's door from the back, meaning that they had been following him that whole time; he saw himself up close and personal with the background being the street in front of the house. He saw himself looking in Mikey's windows. He saw himself pull up to the roadblock on Indigo Road. He saw himself up close and personal again, remembering that the actor portraying Bina had had a camera implanted inside of his glasses; he could see how shook he had been. It still wasn't right looking at all of this on national television.

This was enough. He took out his .40 pistol and fired it; the TV made wild electrical noises as the new and warped hole in it glared at Wade like the eye of a Cyclopes monster.

"They are gonna get theirs," Wade said, loving the metallic scent of the gun. He didn't let his eyes waver away from the gaping crevice in the TV, the abyss that wouldn't let him watch anymore shows until his next paycheck, whereas he could buy another TV. He had destroyed the only one in his apartment, but it felt wonderful to do so, strangely. "No one pulls a practical joke on the Toy Devil and gets away with it."

He laughed harder than ever as smoke danced slickly on the tip of his pistol. Sure, the joke had been on him; but the joke would always let off of one person and come down on somebody else.

Besides, they were just jokes, weren't they? Nothing but fun and games. No need to get all serious...

(they said that the old man was dead)

Wade shot the TV again, just for the fun of it.