It happened yesterday…again…

During practice, go figure…

I was running next to Bianca

And I stumbled, falling

Face first into my subconscious

Not feeling any pain, nor any hope

At what I suspect I did

Looking around…

At the half-formed dreams

Located in the epicenter of thought

I notice a red flash of…pain?

No, wait, isn't that….?

Confusion quickly gives way to anger

At myself, at my loss

Why? Why does this

Always happen to me?

I mentally abuse myself

Against all self-constraint…

Feeling a hand on my shoulder

I glance up into a face

The face of my opponent

Matt's face…

I struggle to get up

And he just stands there

Staring down at me

With his blue eyes dancing

Full of hatred and resentment

I glare right back

And struggle to my feet

My ankle flaring up with pain

Yet I ignore it

And set off in a dead run

Matt's curses ringing in my ear

As I run nonstop through the workout

As I finish, my teeth

Gritted with pain

I stare down at my ankle

With disdain and disgrace

Feeling the eyes of my teammates

Boring into my skin from every angle

You have let me down once before

Do not let me down again…